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Number 330, July 31, 2005

"For THIS we survived Auschwitz?"

For THIS we survived Auschwitz?
by Scott Bieser
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July is almost over. Wow, how time files when you're not paying attention! At least the heat-wave is over up here in the Arizona mountains. A couple of weeks of 100-degree-plus temperatures is more than us mountain-dwellers can stand! But anyway, as I started to say, welcome to the three-hundred- thirtieth issue of TLE, brought to you this week, as every week, by a rabid gang of foaming-at-the-mouth libertarians. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

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Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith, Jay P Hailey, Ben Irvin, Kitty Antonik Wakfer, and Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad

Jean Charles de Menezes, RIP
by Glen Litsinger
A 27-year old Brazilian electrician was shot 5 times, 3 times in the head at point blank range, by British homeland security experts last week. His crime? Wearing a heavy, padded coat in balmy 74-degree London, and running when a swarm of heavily-armed public protectors followed him into a subway station and demanded that he lie down and be shot without making a scene.

Not Equal to Equal Treatment
by Lady Liberty
Earlier this year, a Colorado couple was in the news over the struggle they were having to obtain a license to offer daycare in their home. The issue didn't relate to any specific safety issues in their home or troubling incidents involving children in their past. Instead, the state apparently denied licensing because the pair are blind. After taking the matter to court, a judge ruled in their favor. In his decision, the judge wrote that the state had violated the Americans With Disabilities Act when it denied them a license.

2000 Flushes
by Jonathan David Morris
Am I the only one who wonders what bathrooms will look like in the future? I've watched a lot of forward-looking science fiction movies. Maybe even a few too many in my time. But of all the ones I've seen, I've only seen one memorable reference to futuristic bathrooms. That was in 1993's Demolition Man, when Sylvester Stallone wakes up from suspended animation and learns that, in the future, people use "three seashells" instead of toilet paper. That's it. That's the extent to which Hollywood has envisioned the evolution of bathroom behavior. Three lousy seashells. To me, this makes no sense.

An excerpt from the new book
BIG FAT LIARS: How Politicians, Corporations, and the Media Use Science and Statistics to Manipulate the Public

by Morris E. Chafetz, M.D.
Big Fat Liars is the winner of the August 2005 Lysander Spooner Award for Advancing the Literature of Liberty. he excerpt is Chapter 15 of the book. Enjoy!

Live-8: What a Crock
by Charles McDowell
Live-8 makes me sad. You'd think it would be merely amusing or comical; it's idiotic on so many levels, and the people involved are so ridiculous and self-important. But the fact that nobody else is laughing — and that lots of people are taking it very seriously &mdash makes it simply depressing.

On Campus, Only Some Free Speech Protected
by Wendy McElroy
The publicly funded William Paterson University in New Jersey reprimanded Jihad Daniel for discrimination and sexual harassment. The 63-year-old Daniel, who is both an employee and a student at the university, is now at the center of a free speech controversy. He is also a fine example of the sleight-of-hand being called "due process" by universities that quash politically incorrect speech.

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