L. Neil Smith's
Number 331, August 7, 2005

"Stop meddling in other people's business"

Iraq: Do Not Enter!
by Vincent May

Exclusive to TLE

Nobody can put the genie back in the bottle. Nobody can undue the damage done by the invasion of Iraq. But, maybe we can prevent the next invasion or ameliorate the current one. If we were going to invade anyway, here is what we (the US) should have done.

1) Never build a government. People should do that themselves. They will probably get a bad result but every child bumps his head.

2) In the case of Iraq, any government created will be extra bad. Why? We have divided up the spoils for them in a way that ensures disaster. We have given the government of Iraq $6.250 trillion of oil wealth. Every criminal in the country is looking to be part of the government. [I assume 112 billion bbls of oil plus gas equivalents to equal 125 bil bbls. Pricing this at $60 / bbl and subtracting $10 for extraction yields $50 / bbl, or $6.250 trillion.]

3) If you divide $6.250 trillion by 25 million people you get $250k per man, woman and child. On May first, 2003 we could have declared that all of the oil wealth belonged to the Iraqi people. We could have declared that each one owned 10 shares of IRAQI OIL INC. They would each be immediately eligible for dividends from their shares.

4) Think of that. Every family in Iraq is a millionaire family with a ready income. Would they be fighting each other? Would they be blowing up the pipelines? No way.

5) We would have to nurture them a little. No sales or transfers of shares in I.O. Inc for 10 years (to keep the carpet baggers at bay.) Any Iraqi government that was formed would have to get its money the old fashioned way - by taking it from people. But that government would have a very hard time justifying welfare and warfare programs. Everyone is a millionaire and there are no external threats. It would be a very small government compared to what we are currently attempting to build.

6) Thinking people know that $6.250 trillion is a small sum compared to what 25 million industrious people can create over 20 or 50 years. We should have declared free enterprise. (Unlike our "Coalition" "Provisional" "Authority" which declared free enterprise illegal. I refer to the Bahrani company which began building a cell phone network in 6-2003 but was ousted by our CPA in favor of an Israeli company that was given a satellite phone monopoly with $700 phones, $2 per minute calls, and all calls routed through Israel.)

6) We could have also established a precedent. The (former) Iraqi government contracted for billions of dollars in debt. Why not declare that banks who lend to dictators lose everything when the dictator is overthrown? Iraq could start off with a clean slate. (And all of those socialist bankers in England, France, Germany and Russia would be hurting instead of Iraqi peasants.) Bankruptcy works. (The IMF recently 'forgave' billions of dollars in loans to third world countries. If you followed this closely, what really happened is that the IMF paid off the international bankers and will TAX YOU to make up the difference.)

7) We should establish another precedent. If we invade a country there will always be some social segments who suffer unduly. The Iraqi Christians are about to die. Iraqi women are in for a whipping. Who knows what the Turkomen or Druze have coming?

In short, we should give immigration preference to any country we invade. Any and all should be eligible for naturalization as Americans.

Most of us would support these ideas anyway. Communicating them to others may help prevent the next invasion.


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