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Number 331, August 7, 2005

"Stop meddling in other people's business"

No 'toon this week, sorry.


Here we are again, sunrise, sunset, and before you know it, along comes yet another issue of TLE! How do we do it, you wonder. Well, I'll tell you: main strength and awkwardness, mostly. And, of course, our authors, without whom there would be nothing but these silly little introductions I struggle weekly to write. Nothing else. Don't that sound awful!

Well, no awfulness, instead, here is the three-hundred-thirty-first issue of this magazine. Slouching towards the future, which seems to never get here. Just when you think it's here, you realize it's just today. Which very quickly becomes yesterday. Which very quickly becomes last week. Dang, there must be something profound in that, if I only had a brain.

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This issue's Motto, by the way, comes from "The Death of the West—or How to End the War, Daddy" by our Mr. Alan R. Weiss, Senior Observational Editor for NetPlanet News, of which TLE is the current physical manifestation, forsooth.

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
from Derek Benner, two from EJ Totty, Dennis Wilson, Pamela Maltzman, Alan Korwin, and Special Agent Kenneth Green via Steve Preisler

The Death of the West—or How to End the War, Daddy
by Alan R. Weiss
Patrick J. Buchanan is the only modern pundit in the popular (read: controlled) media promulagating the Old Right's view of Empire, foreign entanglements, and the cost of Empire. The only one. One could argue that Lew Rockwell and his band of inciteful writers do a great job, but they're not on the McLaughlin Group, are not quoted in the New York Times, and in general do not exist for, oh, say, 99.9% of Americans.

TSA: Sexual Battery Is A Perk, Not A Crime
by Francis A Ney, Jr.
The horrors of travel by commercial airline these days are legion, the vast majority a result of our government's tendencies to ignore civil rights and punish the victims in place of the perpetrators. To the piles of nail clippers, cigar punchers and other so-called "weapons" stolen in plain sight, more expensive items stolen from luggage behind the wall, passengers placed on the no-fly list for having bread knives and the like in their carry-on, and numerous indignities to include punishing travelers for their choice of reading material and forcing a nursing mother to drink her own breast milk, we now add the case of Phyllis Dintenfass.

Why Bad Things Happen To White People
by Jonathan David Morris
Cable news and missing white girls. Missing white girls and cable news. The two go together like chocolate and peanut butter. From Chandra Levy and Elizabeth Smart to Laci Peterson and Natalee Holloway, it's impossible to imagine a moderately attractive white female disappearing these days without Fox News and CNN rushing to the scene.

Is the NRA a Second Branch of Gun Control Inc?
by Don Wilson
To the NRA (an open letter to THE NRA) Re membership: Your organization may have stood for the RIGHTS of the INDIVIDUAL at its inception. The lack of a currant concern for the individual rights of all is astounding in its complacent acceptance in your membership. I joined and paid 5 years of dues money I now regret wasting.

Iraq: Do Not Enter!
by Vincent May
Nobody can put the genie back in the bottle. Nobody can undue the damage done by the invasion of Iraq. But, maybe we can prevent the next invasion or ameliorate the current one. If we were going to invade anyway, here is what we (the US) should have done.

The State and its Lies
by Bob Wallace
It's not hard to understand how propaganda works. You don't need a college degree, or to even to read any of those thick textbooks everybody hates. Everything relevant can be explained in one not-particularly-long article. And I guarantee you, you must understand how propaganda targets you, to immunize yourself against the attempts.

Oh, Grow Up!
by Lady Liberty
In a conversation with my mother last weekend, she remarked that she was glad I'd grown up to have a different "sort" of friend than I'd chosen when I was younger. "I don't know why you insisted on being friends with such bad kids," she said, "but I'm happy you have such nice friends now."

A Tale of Two Stonings
by Chris Claypoole
For the several weeks, many of us have followed the tale of Maribel Cuevas, an 11-year-old girl who lives with her Spanish-speaking parents in a poor section of Fresno, California. Back in April, she was being tormented by a group of boys, teasing her (name-calling, etc.) and throwing water balloons at her. Allegedly, one or more of the boys had been teasing her at school for some time. She then picked up a rock and threw it at the group, hitting one of the boys in the forehead, causing a wound that started bleeding. An ambulance was called; it responded with three (3!) police cars and a helicopter, who arrested Maribel (who speaks little English) with what could conservatively be called excessive force.

Is The Boy Scouts of America Public or Private?
by Wendy McElroy
On Sunday, President Bush addressed a Jamboree of more than 30,000 Boy Scouts in Virginia. He stated, "through the generations, scouts have made America a stronger and better nation." Those critical of the Boy Scouts of America argue that the Boy Scouts' exclusion of gays, atheists and females makes America more divided and divisive. One side wishes to strengthen the Boy Scouts; the other wishes to destroy the Boy Scouts by forcing politically correct changes upon it.

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