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Number 333, August 21, 2005

"...far greater threat than Al Qaeda..."

WARNING: High Crime Zone
WARNING: High Crime Zone
by Scott Bieser

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Welcome to issue number 333 of TLE. Hum ... 333 is just exactly half of 666. 333 divided by 3 is 111. 111 is the age I turned the day before this issue was published. Okay, I'm not really 111 years old, I just feel that way. But I'm feeling better....

In other news, we have in this issue number 333 two articles by Our Publisher L. Neil Smith. One is a new one, the other is a blast from the past golden oldie, whatever yer calls these things now. But both are good ones.

And we have that great 'toon from Scott Bieser. Scott says anyone who wants to put it up on a billboard outside New London, CT, give him a holler.

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Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith, EJ Totty, and Jim Davidson

Jackassic Park
by L. Neil Smith
It says here (in the Associated Press and about a hundred other sites I've been directed to this afternoon) that "a group of prominent ecologists" have a splendid new scheme to transplant purportedly endangered African wildlife—including elephants and lions—to North America, establishing a "Pleistocene Park" out here on the Great Plains.

Nehemiah Scudder
by Dennis Kabaczy
In my letter to the editor (TLE 261; 29 Feb 2004...) I compared what I considered similarities between President Bush and Nehemiah Scudder, head of the New Crusade in Robert Heinlein's "If This Goes On..." I did state in my letter that the Bush administration was not to the point of Scudder's, but also stated that the New Crusade had to start somewhere.

Get Your Hands Up, You Varmint!
by Charles Stone, Jr.
All through the 2000 presidential campaign, the 2002 mid-term elections on into the 2004 elections the millions of gun owners of this country have supported the GOP and George Bush almost exclusively. Some are starting to wonder if they made a mistake.

The Lost Liberty Hotel: Liberty Controls the High Ground
by Alan R. Weiss
Logan Darrow Clementa, a participant in the Free State Project and CEO of Freestar Media, is shining a laser-light on eminant domain, the nature of the so-called guardians of our rights (the Supreme Court). In doing so, he has courted the wrath of libertarians.

CounterPoint: Do unto Others and all that jazz
by Seth Cohn
Alan Weiss's piece on Logan Clements and the Lost Liberty Hotel, while entertaining and thought provoking, is missing many of the facts.
Fact: Here in New Hampshire, eminent domain, thanks to a 20 year old decision by the New Hampshire Supreme Court (when Souter was on that bench, ironically), cannot have a commercial element to it. No 'Hotel' project passes that muster. Logan's Hotel has no teeth to it, so why spend any political capital on it? Many of us support doing something with some true potential for success.

Should The Stones Be Taken Seriously?
by Jonathan David Morris
Next month, the World's Oldest Rock Band—which is now so old that even the old jokes are getting old (and even the jokes about the old jokes getting old are getting old)—will release a new album called A Bigger Bang. That band is, of course, the Rolling Stones. And the only reason I feel the need to talk about their album is because it's set to include a song called "Sweet Neocon," an apparent swipe at George Cowboy Bush. While the Stones insist "Sweet Neocon" isn't about the president, in particular, you wouldn't know it from the lyrics, which go a little something like this:

What to Do Tomorrow?
by Jim Davidson
There is a deep seated desire bordering upon angst which is all over the libertarian scene these days. Very clearly, some people want to take action, and quite a few want to do so in the worst way. There are lots of possibilities, some of which seem heroic and useful at first blush, others heroic and foolhardy, and still others only foolhardy. It might be a good idea to look at some of these things with the jaundiced eye of cynicism, bitterness, age, and the jadedness that comes from having eleven bones broken by minions of the state. If you find one or two things to do tomorrow which are only useful and manage not to get killed doing them, perhaps this essay will have served its purpose.

In Theory
by Lady Liberty
It's only been a few weeks since the terrorist bombings on the London subway system, but there's already no shortage of conspiracy theories addressing both the bombers and the motives behind the attacks. Early on, some suggested that the bombings could have been engineered by the British government to bolster fading support for a national ID card in Great Britain or to encourage the US Congress to renew the PATRIOT Act intact. (As it happens, the London attacks were cited by those who favored PATRIOT Act renewal, and the legislation was passed in relatively short order; the Bush administration also enjoyed a bit of a poll "bounce" in the immediate aftermath of the bombings). But now some who are purported to be witnesses to the London bombings are making allegations that, if true, would preclude at least one of the bombings from having happened the way we're told that it did.

The Republicans' Persecution and Crucifixion of Cindy Sheehan
by Todd Andrew Barnett
Statist-conservative Republicans who claim that Cindy Sheehan, the mother of her slain son Army Specialist Casey Sheehan (who was killed during an attempt to rescue some wounded soldiers in Sadr City, Iraq on April 4, 2004), is a liberal mouthpiece and is being controlled by the Left are an epitome of the debauchery, the moral depravity, and the political evil currently worshipped by the conservative collectivistic ideologues in the Republican Party, the Bush administration, and the news and print media. It is not a surprise that these collectivists are using every means at their disposal to discredit and smear the integrity and dignity of a grieving mother who rightfully demands to meet the president for answers – that is, reasons as to why her son was sacrificed in the war. Unsurprisingly, President Bush and his collectivistic stooges in the White House have been doing everything they can to dodge the issue at the expense of the truth that belongs to Sheehan and the American people.

Let Him Who Desires Peace...
by L. Neil Smith
The Roman historian Vegetius is probably most famous for having advised his readers, "Let him who desires peace prepare for war." Being a Strategic Air Command brat, and a bit of an authority on topics related to self-defense, I understand and agree with the old boy.

Liberal McCarthyism on Abortion
by Wendy McElroy
Last week, Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., urged NARAL Pro-Choice America to withdraw an attack ad against Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, who is seen as the penultimate threat to abortion rights. Specter called the ad "blatantly untrue and unfair."

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