L. Neil Smith's
Number 335, September 4, 2005

U.S. Out of New Orleans!

Death From Government
by Ron Beatty

Exclusive to TLE

What we're seeing in New Orleans is shocking. But it has an even deeper meaning than just a city dying. What we are seeing is a city, and it's people, being murdered by the state.

For decades, everyone has known that New Orleans has been at risk from floods and hurricanes. Even Congress saw this (gasp) and allocated funds to maintain and improve the levee system. Unfortunately, the needs of the Imperial state demanded that these funds be taken from that purpose and used to help fund an illegal, immoral, and unending war on the other side of the world. Despite knowing that a city and metro area with approximately a million human beings was at risk, despite seeing that the frequency of hurricanes was increasing, despite seeing that the danger was increasing, the government decided that it was more important to fund a war than it was to protect our own citizens from a natural and inevitable disaster.

But it's even worse than that. Once the disaster hit, help was slow in arriving. Not even slow, glacial! In addition, the problem was exacerbated by the actions of the so-called authorities. There was wide-spread looting by the "authorities." Many, in some cases up to 50 to 75% of police officers didn't show up to perform the duties they swore to perform. Of the ones who did, there were several instances of cops actually using their authority to loot with impunity.

On top of all this, when organized help did begin to arrive, what was the overwhelming response to all the suffering, chaos, and desperation? Why, prevent the refugees from leaving! Turn them back into the hell-hole that was New Orleans, at the point of a gun and/or a bayonet! So, when people who have been basically abandoned by the government that has convinced them they will be taken care of from cradle to grave turn to "looting" to survive, what is the official reaction? Why, shoot to kill of course! We can't have people looting! That's our job!

In addition, the people who are now being evacuated from the city are overwhelmingly the poor, black, disabled, elderly, or otherwise disadvantaged, and now, basically, stateless. Few, if any of them, have anything left. They have no money, many have no family to turn to (they were all in New Orleans, and are in the same boat.) It will be months, at the least, before they can even try to go home and pick up the pieces of their lives. It may not happen at all.

So what have the people who are finally leaving New Orleans to look forward to? Months, possibly even years, living in some refugee camp somewhere? That may be if they're lucky! Too many are being temporarily housed in churches, school gymnasiums, sporting facilities, or other very temporary shelters. Some towns are dealing with 20 per cent of their total population suddenly being refugees! How long can this continue? Not long!

Right now, our country is balanced on a knife edge. One more major incident may be enough to push us off. A major earthquake, another major terrorist attack, even another hurricane striking Florida or the Gulf Coast. Already our government is overwhelmed. Any more, and it will crack, falling apart like a broken toy.

Government has brought us to this point, stifling self reliance, dumbing down the populace with our "public education system," discouraging those who would try to be self-sufficient.

In my opinion, human survival demands that the state be curtailed, reduced, eliminated. Anything that exerts control in the manner which has been exhibited in the response to the current disaster is contra-survival, and in the long run, will cause more harm than good. And no, I'm not calling for a revolution! I'm saying that we have to find a better way to live together than with a massive, top-heavy bureaucracy attempting to control our every thought, move and action!


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