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Letter from E.J. Totty

Letter from Sandy Sandfort

Another Letter from E.J. Totty

Letter from Caleb Paul

Yet Another Letter from E.J. Totty

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken, & JD,

Re.: "In Search of Jonathan David Morris", by Jonathan David Morris http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2005/tle338-20050925-04.html

JD? I'm reminded of the saying 'Tempest in a teapot.'

Seems to me that there are several options available to you to remedy the matter 'inert.'

  • Add an 'e' to one or more of your names;

  • Add a symbol—or two, to the end of your name. For instance: Morris!!;

  • Find out the birth date of the other JDM, and if you were born before him, then merely append #1 to your last name. I don't know that you could put up with being #2... That has a few other connotations. Of course it could be hell if he was not only born on the same date as yourself, but also at the same time and in the location. Then you'd have to resort a letter, such as JDMa, or JDMb ...

  • You could resort to spelling your middle name backwards, and capitalizing as divaD;

  • Use a different pen name, such as 'Head-Honcho Morris The Great', or maybe even 'King Morris,' or 'Baaadaaasss Morris, or perhaps 'Phillip Morris.' If you were to use that last suggestion, you could claim to 'smoke' your opposition. But that might suck ...

  • And of course, you could always tell others that the other guy is actually your alter ego. What better way to maximize your own positions? Just a thought;

  • Then again? You could always resort to saying that the other guy is a fake ...

I dunno, JD, but the solutions are as available as the the number of letters in your whole name to the third power, many of which are as unique as yourself.

Now regarding your comment concerning: "Without a name, you're an animal-just some mass of tissue and emotional baggage wandering through the forest, looking for food."

Is that Noo Joysey thinking?

What about that Clint Eastwood character, 'The man with no name?'

For a guy with no name, he sure got a lot done besides wandering around looking for food, etc.

E.J. Totty

Hi Ken,

I picked up the following quotes from one of those quote-a-day email services. I dropped most of the quotes and re-arranged four of them in an order that seemed appropriate. Enjoy.

Classic Quotes by Samuel Adams (1722-1803) US patriot

The Constitution shall never be construed... to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.

How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!

The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule.

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.

Sandy Sandfort

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

Re.: [news story]

Government perfidy.

But then? I repeat myself.

Please do note that statement by Mr. Perfidious himself—apparently having a Reagan Moment:

""The information I had at the time, I thought it was credible," Compass said, admitting his earlier statements were false. Asked the source of the information, Compass said he didn't remember.""

Pardon me, but, what?! Your information was thought credible, but now you can't seem to remember who provided it?!!

I'm guessing here, but does not the New Orleans police police department keep records on things besides who they are gonna bust next Tuesday night?

Rather convenient the memory loss, isn't it?

Yes, and of course, dearest Janet—while commanding the jackboots of the FBI and ATF, thought that all her information was credible as well. That's why reports of child rape were then thought to be credible—even though Texas state authorities had completely debunked them, right along with the 'drug lab' comments that were part of the original search warrant.

There's something very wrong here: The tyrants have no stomach for actually doing the investigations themselves, and instead rely upon the comments made by subordinates—many of whom should not be trusted with anything, period. In point of fact, I would question the veracity of anything they happen to say.

If a man must live by another's words, then the least he should do is make an attempt at verification; and lacking that, then no degree of trust should imparted to even that man, for he is a fool waiting to be exposed.

Are you reading this, Mr. Mayor?

In the corollary, there's whole ball of wax that evinces what's really the matter here: Someone makes a comment, and it's repeated endlessly—with embellishments to the point of the ridiculous, without one iota of truth. In short, a lie becomes the 'truth.'

No matter how bad something is, government can make it worse by simply getting involved, getting in the way, and 'taking charge.'

This, then, is why government should never be involved with anything: With no expectations regarding whatever government, most people will either resort to 'sticking it out' in the worst of situations, or they will simply up and depart for other regions.

E.J. Totty

Q: What does George Bush think of Roe vs Wade?

A: He doesn't care how people get out of New Orleans.

Caleb Paul

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

Re.: [this news story]

That same news story has probably appeared in many other newspapers across the nation, as elsewhere.

It seems to me that the essence of the story has been to simply brush-off the implications of administering a drug to children evincing whatever aspect of 'ADHD.'

Now, I recall being more than somewhat 'squirmy' in public school classes—I simply could not sit still for a moment. My head was filled with thought which had not a thing to do with what was being spoken of at the moment by the droning voice at the head of the class.

If given even half a chance, I would have raced out of that place, and down to the local stream to investigate the life there, such as frogs, fingerlings, and the myriad of insect life, or climbed a tree to look at a bird's nest, or gone to the library to peruse those books all about dinosaurs, or the bare-breasted woman between the covers of National Geographic Magazine.

Instead, I was forced—forced—to comply with the demands of the public school I attended. I might just as well have been a colony of mold (a mushroom?) occupying the chair-desk I was assigned for 'the duration.'

That was vastly different from attending parochial school, where I verily suffered under that hands of an order of French Nuns.

Actually, it was because of them that I suffered in public school. They—the Nuns, used both the threat of violence and the carrot of enticement to induce me to achieve. Thankfully—for me, I didn't need violent enticement but twice. But then? I was 5 years old, and given to unruly behavior.

The Nuns had a highly structured way of teaching, and they made sure that you understood exactly what it was that you had to learn. Nothing wishy-washy here: If you didn't understand, they took the extra time to be sure there were no questions left unanswered. See? It was like this: Here is what you must learn and master. It was done in nice easy bite-sized chunks that gave you the feeling of accomplishment when you were done. Actually, it made you want to learn even more.

This was unlike public school where very few kids were given direct attention—save the most compliant among them: The Teacher's pets—almost always girls. Everybody else either 'got it' or they didn't.

The only time I got 'attention' was when I couldn't sit still any longer and got up to do look out the windows. I was bored, and that was sometimes to tears—quite literally. And, I can't recall the number of times my Father beat the shit out of me for getting failing grades—from public school, because those times were too numerous.

I thank the heavens—and whomever else—that the government drug culture didn't exist back then, because I might be a zombie today, or have even gone the ultimate route: Suicide.

Drugs aren't the answer for what ails the kids of today, anymore than what ailed them in yesteryear.

Lately, it seems, that the two worst maladies afflicting the children of this age are: public schools and drugs. And, I can't help but think that the former is causing the latter, by way of inducing those kids to believe that all is lost.

What really pisses me off here is that the government is speaking out both sides of it's mouth—as usual, and the big pharma is using it's clout to poison ever more kids in the name of the mercantilistic.

E.J. Totty

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