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College Libertarian Central


I have the following message from Ernest Lilley at SFRevue. For those who don't know, I have a story in the anthology, "THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS" which features characters from Ceres and is set 12 years after the novel.

I have a photo of the cover somewhere that I'll get Ken to put up on the Webley Page.

L. Neil Smith

Special Book Announcement: Future Washington by Ernest Lilley (ed) available for pre-order at Amazon.com



The books are in from the printer and we'll be selling advance copies at Capclave (www.capclave.org).

Future Washington is the first anthology I've edited, and my thanks go to the folks at WSFA and the sixteen SF authors who contributed to the book. Editing a book and publishing a book review website at the same time leads to an obvious conflict of interest, but we'll have to rely on others to provide their independence perspective.

Future Washington is a collection of stories by noted science fiction writers from around the world, and the political spectrum, which looks at possible futures for the U.S. capital.

Colleen Cahill (Recommending Officer for Science Fiction and Fantasy at the Library of Congress) wrote:

"(these) stories take us to a D.C. that might be, with visions both light and dark, containing destruction, growth, humor and serious thought... whether the U.S. government is alive and well, transformed by time or a distant memory, all the stories include a hint of the D.C. of today, making this a book for those of us who have lived or currently live in or near the city. It is the great writing and interesting visions of the future that make this a work for any who enjoy good reading."

To link to the SFRevu page for Future Washington, please go to:


Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

A classic case of government waste

Only government—without any kind of accountability, is able to pull-off such a boondoggle.

If a private business did such a thing, the bottom line would not exist.

E.J. Totty

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

Re.: [this news article]

It certainly must be true that the only real way to topple leviathan is to ignore him.

In the above referenced story, a woman loses a husband, and the truth about his death is anything except directly forthcoming.

In fact, the US Army goes out of its way to avoid telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.

Questions abound here, but that's another story.

Now, for my money—which isn't worth a whole lot these days, I consider that it would be the honorable position to take, were every man and woman to decline 'service' in whatever military organization, period. This ain't the 1960's. For way too long now, the truth of the matter has been on the streets, and the kids pretty much know the lowdown about what's been going on. You either agree that killing innocent men, women and children in whatever land is okay for a day's pay—or you don't. The term: Paid MURDERER comes to mind.

So, that's the choice: Agree to murder in the name of the government, or refuse to cooperate—at any cost.

That is, no matter what the implications and/or ramifications, no person would—regardless of being conscripted—willingly serve in any capacity for service in, or with, the US government.

In fact, any person forcefully 'inducted' into whatever military service, would simply sit down and refuse to move from the spot they happened to be at. They would make no comments, remain silent, and refuse to sign/mark any document, until after released from forced slavery.

As has been said by others here, at the TLE, you need not place even so much as the tip of a finger upon the tyrant to be rid of him, as all that is necessary is to completely ignore him: Make him become totally irrelevant.

Surely he will still stand, but insignificant men stand around all the time anyway—let him join the lot! At some point, insignificance turns into irrelevance: Let us pray for that day!

Perhaps when fully half of this nation's children are in jails for refusing to 'serve' in whatever capacity, the parents of those respective children will become enervated sufficient to cause real changes to happen.

Until then? It's up to the children to act.

Maybe it's time for the children to lead the way?

E.J. Totty

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken

Re.: [this news article]

Complete, utter, and total Bull Shit.

My only beef here, is that the question wasn't asked of that newly appointed arse, Roberts, just where in the USC he found the power to rule over the personal lives of the citizens—period.

And, more importantly: Where does the arse hole figure he may overrule the Ninth Art. of Amendment?

Scalia, it would seem, is a descendent of those 'Christians' who successfully escaped the lions in the Arena, of Rome.

Too bad.

Sometimes excessive Christianity is the very same as communism.

I consider that it's way past time for a 'second Revolution' to reaffirm the first one. Maybe a smaller country—with fewer states is a better deal?

E.J. Totty

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

Re.: [this news article]

Heaven help us.

If there is one, we—all of us—are gonna need all the help we can get!

From that lately—socialist—land to the east of us, comes the information that our beloved president has somehow managed to finally take a flying leap into the pit of the ludicrous, by claiming to have heard the word of, well, 'God,' and acted upon just that.

When a politician tells you that s/he's been talking to 'God,' then you can figure on one of two things: The shit is gonna hit the fan, or the fan is going to be stirring up a whole lotta shit!

In either case, it seems real close to 'batten down the hatches' time.

Keep that powder dry, mateys, cos likely it is you're gonna need it!

E.J. Totty

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

Take a look at this photo.

It was accompanied with the following text: "People walk over a bridge that is normally under water from the Pisuerga River near Renedo de Zalima, northern Spain. Spain is suffering from its driest year since reliable records began to be kept about 120 years ago. (AP Photo/Juan Manuel Serrano) (October 06, 2005)"

If you—after today (10-7-005)—go to the Seattle PI web site,


and click on "The Day in Pictures".

For 10-7-005, it's picture #11.

Now the question: Why would someone build a bridge over a stream that would place the bridge under water—normally?

Doesn't make sense, does it?

So, one is left to cogitate over the matter, and arrive at the solution that the bridge was built in normally dryer times—perhaps longer than 120 years ago.

From its design, it appears to have been a Roman-built bridge, and it's builders apparently contemplated periodic floods, as the arches are significant in size to accommodate those waters.

Global warming? Maybe the Earth is simply getting back to the norm in temperatures?

E.J. Totty

Dear Mr. Ed/Editor/Ken,

Re.: [this news article]

Sorry for the additional letters here—in the TLE, but sometimes you just have get the word out to everyone else.

I have to ask just one question: Regarding the bullshit in the above 'news story' and in relation to how much more precipitation happened with the last 'ice-age,' may I please have a show of hands, here at the TLE, from everyone concerned as to whether there was more precipitation during the last ice-age, or if the paltry summer-fall rains we now experience are greater?

I know the TLE has no current capability to conduct polls, but so far as I can see, the sluice of rains suffered in some parts of the world are by no means anything compared to what was imparted to the whole Earth in times past, and geologically speaking, those times weren't that far back.

Yours truly, sincerely, honestly, and cordially,

E.J. Totty

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