L. Neil Smith's
Number 340, October 9, 2005

 Tenth Anniversary Edition, Part 2 

Too Many Sheep, Not Enough Wolves
by Dave Earnest

Exclusive to TLE

Our Society has reached a point where too many people have too much to worry about, Mortgage, rent, car payments, TAXES, alimony, child support, credit card bills, TAXES, gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, cell phone, broadband cable, satellite TV, groceries, Did I mention TAXES? Oh yeah Health, death, car, homeowners, renters, flood, earthquake insurance and the almighty 401k, IRA, annuities, and add your own stuff here....

We have become so overburdened by the cost of living, that we have lost the time in the day to concentrate on keeping our families together and pay attention to what the curs in Washington are doing to our freedoms. I recently, for health reasons, became unemployed. No insurance. No unemployment, I lost my home, my vehicle and most of my possesions. If it wasn't for true friends and family, I'd have been homeless. The realization that, just that quick, less than 30 days, anyone in our society can be rendered "hors' de societie" is sobering to say the least. I was counciled by a number of well meaning people to seek government assistance. In my depleted state I accepted a ride to the local office. After about 40 seconds in that place I turned around and walked out. "Not gonna happen." "nothing from Government" I reminded myself. My ride was quite put out. I explained to her that I would rather die than live at the whim of government. After much back and forth, the conversation ended with me being "stupid, proud, and ungrateful" for the gifts of our great society. I kid you not those were the words of my well meaning conveyor!

After returning to my brothers house, My brother recently retired from the military and is now a civilian federal employee, I found myself explaining my actions to he and my sister in law. My sister in law grew up in Europe, the sad side I might add. She was perplexed. My brother understood intellectually and philosophically why I refused the largesse of government. His question was what are you going to do? Good question. Well asked. "I'm going into business for myself." THe conversation that ensued enumerated, illustrated and generally illuminated the subject line of this whole rant.

"You need a business liscense"
No I don't, I just need people willing to pay me for my services.
"You need insurance"
No I don't, I just need to communicate effectively with my clients and deliver on my promises, and make good my mistakes. (few they may be)
"You're gonna get sued!"
What are they going to get? I've already lost everything. I'm just trying to pay for my food and defray the cost of the water and electricity I'm using. "THEY" aren't going to get anything...
"You have to pay taxes"
Do I?

Needless to say, it is apparent the mindset that has been promulgated in the last 60 years. I disagree with it, I repudiate it, I refuse to participate in furthering it.

I am dangerous because I can think, and work myself out of my situation without the help, acknowledment or blessing of government.

Government is irrelevant! Sure they can imprison me and take my life. It looks like they may even try.

I'll take a few of these bastards with me though.

No whining. I own my life, do you the reader own yours?

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