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Number 340, October 9, 2005

 Tenth Anniversary Edition, Part 2 

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Bush and Bird Flu


Welcome to Issue No. 340 of The Libertarian Enterprise, now celebrating our 10th Year of publication. Dang!

This is the reader's issue. All y'all (second-person plural in SouthernSpeak) were invited to submit your reminisces, comments, observations, and stories of how your first enountered TLE, and/or just plain appreciations and pats on the back.

And the envelope please ... we got exactally zero letters from all y'all doing that. Hum ....

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Letters to the Editor
from College Libertarian Central, L. Neil Smith, and E.J. Totty

Anybody But George? Anybody But Hillary?
by L. Neil Smith
At this writing, the 2008 election is only 25 months away. America is getting ready again to play the deadliest game of Ping-Pong in the universe. This horrifying process was first described to me (although I'd noticed it myself already) by libertarian lecturer/philosopher Robert LeFevre. Every time we elect somebody new, Bob explained—usually because we're fed up with the Old Regime screwing up our lives and finding ways to limit our freedom—the New Regime soon finds ways of its own (because it had them in mind all along) to do exactly the same stuff.

Too Many Sheep, Not Enough Wolves
by Dave Earnest
Our Society has reached a point where too many people have too much to worry about, Mortgage, rent, car payments, TAXES, alimony, child support, credit card bills, TAXES, gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, cell phone, broadband cable, satellite TV, groceries, Did I mention TAXES? Oh yeah Health, death, car, homeowners, renters, flood, earthquake insurance and the almighty 401k, IRA, annuities, and add your own stuff here....

Decisions, Decisions
by Lady Liberty
Last week, I made a decision. I based it on fact and logic. It was, in fact, the right decision. But as it turned out, it wasn't the best decision. I spent the entire week regretting what I'd done and working to reverse it. Fortunately, it was a decision the effects of which could be reversed. Oh, it wasn't easy (which might be a good thing since the harder I had to work, the deeper the lesson sunk in), but it got done in the end.

Your Destiny Is to Make a Better World
by Jim Davidson
Please allow me to offer some thoughts on this topic, which I've spent rather a lot of time studying since first encountering the term "slave rebellions" in a book by Michael Flynn. Yes, there are generational minor peaks in the slave rebellion cycle, and there are inter-generational major peaks. We happen to be approaching a major peak, which may become a very major peak.

Not So Shiny Serenity
by Michael Brightbill
After much waiting and a pushed back opening date, the movie continuation of Joss Whedon's great TV show, Firefly was released into theaters. If you haven't seen the TV show, where have you been? Go out immediately and purchase a copy of the DVD set. I had eagerly awaited this movie for some time, and attended the opening showing with glee.

The Honest Truth About Honest Abe
by Jonathan David Morris
As we speak, the town of Dover, Pennsylvania, is debating whether intelligent design theory ought to be mentioned in public school science classes. I find it somewhat ironic that we're discussing how to teach the origins of life when we can't even straighten out how to teach what happened after it began. Forget about science. Let's talk about the most one-sided, whitewashed subject in all of education: The War of Northern Aggression. Or as the kids call it, the American Civil War.

The Family Gunsmith
by L. Neil Smith
Would you like to become a little more self-sufficient in these increasingly uncertain times, especially where your means of self-defense are concerned?

A White Oppressor? Who, Me?
by Wendy McElroy
Your daughter is enrolled at a major university that has well-defined policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race. She decides to attend a campus event. The organizers forbid her entry because of her skin color: white.

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