L. Neil Smith's
Number 345, November 13, 2005

"Plant the Spirit of the Rifleman"

Lessons Learned
by G. Monty

Exclusive to TLE

I'm not going to spend much time "rebutting" the comments of Boston T. Party. It is fairly well obvious to anyone who watches his antics on the web that he seems to be grossly insecure in that anything critical of him, his writing, his "causes", his dress code, his modes of transportation, etc. instantly becomes, in his mind, an unjustified attack. The more I see of this guy and his hysteric rebuttals to anyone who disagrees with anything he says, the more apt I am to view BTP as a "cult of personality." It's not about Freedom, it's about BTP.

Which does lead me into a valid criticism of BTP—his constant yammering calls for the Free State Project to disband. What we have here in the Free State Project is the first, BEST chance for a libertarian movement to actually take a piece of ground back in this country, in the name of Freedom, and begin the grassroots rollback of the Federal Leviathan that MUST take place or we will all be crushed from cradle to grave under its omnipresent and oppressive weight. I daresay, and natives of NH will back me up on this next statement, if all 7000 current members moved to NH tomorrow after lunch—NH would be LIBERTARIAN. Freedom mongers would run the state. The phony left-right paradigm of the Republican/Democrat circus sideshow would be finished.

Since the Free State Project has the best chance of scoring one for Liberty in our Lifetime, anyone who craves Freedom from Coercion should rejoice that such an opportunity exists and extend it every possible support in every possible quarter.

Yet, here is BTP, self-proclaimed savior of the libertarian movement, doing everything in his power that he can to hobble, derail, and guaranteed the failure of, the Free State Project. The one libertarian enterprise that is actually going someplace and he wants to KILL it.

BTP, you are a shameless poseur and you need to just stay in Wyoming and get your nose out of the FSP's business.

End of BTP comments.

I read the piece on Making NH a 21st Century Powerhouse with much interest. In particular, I see two definitive areas NH could "improve" in order to become the "Switzerland" of the United States: reform their corporate code to mirror Wyoming and Nevada and make banking inside New Hampshire PRIVATE again.

On the corporation matter—NH could become the East Coast destination for new incorporations if the legislature were to carbon copy the same code Nevada uses. Allow corporations to issue bearer shares—an excellent entity that virtually guarantees asset protection and individual privacy from greedy attorneys and asset-forfeiture crazed government parasites.

I just set up my own Nevada asset protection entity. I am the bearer who holds the shares of ownership in this entity but my name appears on nothing. I "own" nothing but I control everything.

On banking: why should Americans have to "hide" their wealth overseas to get the kind of private banking that should be an inalienable right back here in the US of A? If New Hampshire could begin chartering banks that guaranteed depositor privacy, that REFUSE to spy on their depositors for the federal government, I suspect that a lot of that wealth now going to Panama, Belize, and the Cayman Islands would reverse course and end up in New Hampshire instead. Things that make you go hummm....

November is National Novel Writing Month and yours truly is slugging it out with the blank page in the quest to hit 50,000 words by 30 November at midnight. I'm pushing 22,000 words at this writing so I'm confident I will make the goal by the 30th. I am posting my progress to my blog (www.blogcult.com/sf18charlie) so feel free to watch the tale unravel.

While this book will be more like 75,000 words in length and finished mid-December—there are BIG plans afoot in the new year. I am moving to NH in '06—which some FSPers are looking at like the coming of the Anti-Christ. Oh well, get over it. I am founding a publishing company, a NEW HAMPSHIRE corporate entity, called Blue Falcon Press, to bring my two action-horror series to market. The epic I'm blogging for NaNoWriMo is #1 in the Special Task Force: Green Majik series. There is a parallel series that occupies an earlier timeline but shares the same epic story line. This one will be called The Exterminator.

I'm looking for information on hemp paper resources. I want to print my entire line of novels on hemp based stock. Any green thumbs out there that have some great contacts in this area, CONTACT ME! I don't think anybody has launched a torpedo like that yet—an entire line of mass market paperbacks printed on hemp based paper. Could be the start of something great.

I've been looking for offset book printers as well—there is only ONE short run house in NH. At least, that is what my web searches are showing. I really don't want to go to Canada to look for a good printer and would really love to keep it all in New Hampshire. If I have to go to Vermont, Pennsylvania or New York City—I will. But reluctantly.

Another interesting bit of news: Since I wrote my first piece about martial law and NH, I've been in contact with a lady in California. She brought it to my attention that all government computers in California block the FSP website, listing it as pornography. I can now verify this news. Being a member of the National Guard currently working on active duty orders, I have an NGB account to work with at my unit every day. I just tried to connect to the FSP website yesterday (11/8/05) and an NGB warning pops up indicating that the FSP website is blocked due to its category being: PORNOGRAPHY. Damn, I wish it were true. I've been looking for a good staunch libertarian porno site to fulfill my every deviant need....

Oh, yeah. Liberty in this country isn't being destroyed by design.

Just keep telling yourself that at night. And that's a nice bubble you're living in. Wish I had one....

Enough said.

De Oppresso Liber in NH,
G. Monty


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