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Number 345, November 13, 2005

"Plant the Spirit of the Rifleman"

American Democracy in Iraq
Bringing American-Style Democracy to Iraq
by Russmo



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Letters to the Editor
from Kevin Van Horn, L. Neil Smith, and E.J. Totty

Teaching the ZAP to the 4-GW Crowd
by Michael "Speaker" Bradshaw
The following is adapted, from my reply to a correspondent's note, about my previous note to him, regarding his posts, in a discussion, on a bulletin board (Hoo-boy, this is getting round-about!) on the subject of (Pant, choke, gasp wheeze...!) guerrilla, or Forth-Generation War. He was having the devil's own time being understood, and said that I was the only one who "got it". Oh, well!

Lessons Learned
by G. Monty
I'm not going to spend much time "rebutting" the comments of Boston T. Party. It is fairly well obvious to anyone who watches his antics on the web that he seems to be grossly insecure in that anything critical of him, his writing, his "causes", his dress code, his modes of transportation, etc. instantly becomes, in his mind, an unjustified attack. The more I see of this guy and his hysteric rebuttals to anyone who disagrees with anything he says, the more apt I am to view BTP as a "cult of personality." It's not about Freedom, it's about BTP.

A Fairy Tale
by Ron Beatty
Once upon a time, a strange thing happened. One day, a well-known fundamentalist/conservative preacher heard a knock on his door. Opening it, he was astonished to see a man standing there in a long robe, long hair, a beard, and carrying a staff. The preacher puffed up in rage at such an outlandish figure having somehow gotten through his security, but before he could say anything, the figure smiled gently at him, and made a little bow.

The Devaluation of Freedom
by Lady Liberty
I love Washington, DC. Oh, I absolutely don't love what goes on there, but the history and the symbolism are wonderful. I've visited Washington a number of times now, the most recent being just a week ago. There are some things I see over and over again (the Charters of Freedom—the collective name given by the National Archives to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights—for example, and the Space Shuttle Enterprise), but every time I go, I see new things as well. This trip was no exception.

The Myth of a Racist Justice System
by Scott Kauzlarich
When Dewayne Wickham told readers of USA Today that "the scales of justice were out of balance" he was repeating a widely accepted myth: the nation's criminal justice system is rife with racism.

A Somewhat Belated Review of the Movie Election
by Jonathan David Morris
The other day, I finally got around to seeing the 1999 movie, Election, directed by Alexander Payne (who also directed Sideways, which, for the record, contained the best rendition of drunk-dialing that the world has ever seen). Even though Election came out something like six years ago, I feel compelled to talk about it. Partly because it was an excellent satire of the American political system. Partly because I don't have anything else to talk about. (Anyone else find it ironic, by the way, that George "Enemy Combatant" Bush urged "due process" for Scooter Libby? I can't really write a whole column about that. But I thought it was interesting.)

Project Appleseed: Planting the Spirit of the American Rifleman
by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
The Revolutionary War Veterans Association is launching a nationwide effort to re-establish what once stood as the primary protection of our unalienable liberties. Through Project Appleseed, their goal is to "plant the Spirit of the Rifleman" across America, working together to find or create facilities and resources to allow every able and willing citizen to learn to shoot a rifle safely and well, and to do so close to home.

PBS Film Ignites Fathers' Rights Debate
by Wendy McElroy
A father is demanding a public retraction from the Public Broadcasting System and threatening to sue for libel after the network broadcast a show that he says wrongly portrayed him as an abusive husband and father.

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