Presumed Guilty: Caught in the American Gulag

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L. Neil Smith's
Number 349, January 8, 2006

Two Thousand Six. Golly!

Spies Like Us
Spies Like Us
by Russmo


And here we are, back again, all rested and refreshed, and in a new year, numbered 2006.

Our Special Thanks go out to you who helped us have a good Christmas this year. You know who you are, and you know how much we appreciate your generosity. Thank you! That link, as always, is:

Our lead-off article this time is "the article didn't want you to read", provided for us by Thomas Andrew Olson.

Ken Holder

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Letters to the Editor
from E.J. Totty and Acoustic Alchemy

Presumed Guilty: Caught in the American Gulag
by Thomas Andrew Olson
In Building D of the Control Detention Facility in Washington, DC, a man sits alone in a cold, "total segregation" cell. His room has been categorized as "filthy", with a plain cot, no pillow, and a single thin blanket. When first placed there he was denied basic toiletries, clean linens, or even toilet paper itself. The guards sneeringly suggested he "make a shopping list".

Real Terrorists Rape Consumers
by Jack Duggan
Well, the other boot has finally dropped, and embedded in the rears of America's working families. We saw it coming; the first thud was a pro-big-money overhaul of bankruptcy procedures that forces single mothers and workers unemployed by federal free-trade sellouts to pay off their debts, even if they can't buy groceries for their children. Debtors are forced to pay for indoctrination classes, even if they are disabled or lost their jobs, where they are given a restructuring plan to pay back debts after being 'allowed' a small amount for monthly living.

2005 Year in Review
What happened on the Underground ( during the last year

by Kat Dillon
The New Hampshire Underground is a loose organization of freedom fighters composed mainly of Free State Project members who have already made the move to NH. There, these members worked with native New Hampshirites with the encouragement of Freestaters still waiting to make the big move to NH. It is difficult to describe the incredible synergy from amassing so many liberty lovers in one area. The individuals who have left family, friends, jobs to move cross country for freedom have an extra incentive to get out there and work for liberty in our lifetimes. They feel the need to prove they weren't crazy to uproot themselves and move to the Frozen Wonderland of the North. So people who were timid and uninvolved in their previous life seem to blossom and become involved after the move. When surrounded by people who think like they do, they are constantly encouraged to try new and greater feats to promote freedom. Plus, it is just plain fun being surrounded by like-minded people!

A Proposal to TLE Readers
by Ron Beatty
I've been thinking a lot over the last few days, and I decided to make a proposal to all the people who read TLE.

2005: The Year In Headlines
by Jonathan David Morris
Most journalists like ending the year on a down note with "factual" retrospectives. As far as I'm concerned, those journalists are whores. I'm the only one with the guts to compile the year's best stories with a reckless disregard for accuracy.

IF I were an Islamic Fundamentalist Extremist
by Mit Etagniw
Some of the public debate on the treatment of "Islamofacists" by our own "Christofacists" centers on the issue of fundamentalism relating to the separation of church and state. Recently there have been social trends that have blurred the fine line that kept the two separate and complementary. The issues of morality, values, where they come from and what should they be, have been co-opted by the fundamentalist religious right flexing their political muscle. The debates over terrorism, civil liberties, homosexuality, abortion, the death penalty, science and religion, have become increasingly belligerent by the “Christofacists” who’s ultimatum of, "You are either with us or against us!" is a cognitive distortion of reality. "All or nothing" thinking is typical to fundamentalism where issues are a simplistc, right or wrong, black or white, good or bad, in or out, faithful or infidel, etcetera. Thus, the people in between the warring factions lose their humanness in the broad brush of fundamentalist certainty and become just "collateral damage" of the pogrom, crusade, or jihad.

Are We Giving Away the Greatest Gift?
by Lady Liberty
I recently sent a congratulatory note to a young woman about to have a birthday. In part, I wrote, "Never forget we are all born free. The question is whether or not we can live that way." Freedom is among certain rights to which we are all entitled, merely by virtue of being born. Our Founding Fathers codified that notion when they wrote a list of some of what they called "unalienable rights."

Abolish Anti-Discrimination Laws
by Wendy McElroy
Last week, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a lawsuit against the Santa Rosa health club Body Central.

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