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Simon Jester
Simon Jester


L. Neil Smith's
Number 351, January 22, 2006

"Down With Tolerance!"

The Real Matrix
The Matrix is Government
by Kent Van Cleave
Libertarian Antics


It's not that I have writer's block—I'm not a writer!—it's that I can't think of anything to say. Editor's block? No, I edited this issue into shape right quick. It's just that I have nothing to say. Well, I always thought if yer have nothing to say, just say nothing. So I will. Donations link remains as always:

Thanks to those who used that link to send us some spare change last week! There, that was something to say!

Ken Holder

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The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel
by L. Neil Smith
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by BigHead Press, 2004


Letters to the Editor
from Jay P Hailey, Alan F. Miller, Matt Bortz, and Michael T. Bradshaw [What! Where's E.J. Totty?—Editor]

Down With Tolerance!
by Ron Beatty
Usually, the articles I write are about the evils of intolerance, and the disaster that such brings to us each and every day. Today, I'm going to change course a little bit, and actually advocate intolerance.

Congressional Reform
by Jay P Hailey
A lot of noise is being generated by the congress about reform in light of the latest scandals.

The Sad, Impending Demise of Napoleon Dynamite
by Jonathan David Morris
Would it be wrong to root against a man's career? Would it be wrong to consciously hope for someone—a living, breathing human being—to fail at whatever it is he's trying to do? What if you didn't know this man? What if you had no reason to root against him? What if you only hoped for his failure because you liked his work?

Why Do They Hate America?
by Michael Bradshaw
The following is a post by Dervish from the Claire Files forum about why the Prussian-Americans hate and fear individuals in general and, particularly, the Ethnic-Americans (the people of the 18th century enlightenment, as it has evolved)—and my reply. By the way, those "P" and "E" labels are mine, not his.

America's Lock on Freedom
by Lady Liberty
We all want to keep ourselves, our families, and our property safe. That's why we lock our car doors and tell our kids not to talk to strangers. That's why some of us have alarm systems installed in our homes, and one reason many of us choose to have firearms. It's why we wear seatbelts and helmets; it's the bottom line in our reasoning behind getting regular medical checkups.

Does New Cyberstalking Law Criminalize Free Expression?
by Wendy McElroy
Fiery debate surrounds Section 113 of the Violence Against Women Act—a last minute addition to the act titled Preventing Cyberstalking.

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