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Simon Jester
Simon Jester


L. Neil Smith's
Number 353, February 5, 2006

Google is helping the Chinese government
keep the Chinese people oppressed.

Letter Openers
"The Letter Openers"
by Russmo


"In spite of the high cost of living, it remains a popular item."

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TPM cover thumnail
Tom Paine Maru
by L. Neil Smith
Cover by Scott Bieser
First uncensored edition. Originally published by Del Rey Books, 1984.
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The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel
by L. Neil Smith
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by BigHead Press, 2004


Letters to the Editor
from Joe Furcinite and E.J. Totty

by L. Neil Smith
I read the other day that the corporation that calls itself Google has recently lost something on the order of twelve and a half billion dollars ($12,500,000,000) of its value on the stock market, virtually overnight.

Two People Who Actually Care About The Constitution Need Your Help
by Linda Cirincione
I wrote this letter as something that could be passed along to both libertarians—and non-libertarian friends and acquaintances (who probably don't already know either of these people):

Thoughts on the Future
by Ron Beatty
As many of you know, up until the last election, I constantly wrote on the subject of voting, of working for peaceful change, of trying to work to reform the system within the existing system. I no longer feel that is possible. I had the great good fortune to meet Mike Badnarik in Columbus, OH, after one of his appearances there, and felt, and still feel, that he would have made a great president. After all the allegations of vote fraud, the claims by the makers of some of the voting machines to 'deliver the election' to Bush, and the sheer stupidity of the national media in ignoring the message and integrity of Mr. Badnarik, I am thoroughly disgusted with electoral politics. While I won't give up on voting completely (after all, as Neil says, a .25 auto is better than nothing when faced with a threat), I honestly don't think it will make any difference.

Right Brain + Left Brain = No Brain
by Jonathan David Morris
Last week, Drew Westen of Emory University announced the results of a study conducted before the 2004 election, which examined the brains of George Bush and John Kerry supporters. The results of this study suggested that partisan thinking derives not from reason but pure emotion. When faced with favorable facts about their candidates, the men's brains lit up like junkies getting their fix on. When presented with negative facts, their brains simply refused to consider what they heard.

Not Quite Random Ponderings On Immigration and Abortion
by L. Neil Smith
I recently had another of my online conversations with a fellow who would probably not object to being called a conservative. He sends me interesting articles. How he feels about the current crop of false conservatives presently running the country is something we haven't explored.

The People are the Problem
by Lady Liberty
There are few activists out there—myself included—that don't blame politicians in large part for most of the trouble we're in. It's politicians who raise taxes and who make laws infringing on liberty. It's politicians who spend other people's money and who exempt themselves from many of those liberty-infringing laws. Sometimes we lament that a government "by the people" and "of the people" isn't more so. After all, the people in general are likely not so power hungry or poll driven as are politicians in general.

Questions to Ask Scientific Authority
by Wendy McElroy
The attention of the media and the scientific and medical community has recently been focused on the fraud committed by South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk, who claimed to have created human cells from cloned embryos.

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