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Number 355, February 19, 2006

Farewell, Wendy, we will miss you!

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2 12 06 Liberty Watch
L. Neil Smith is the author of 25 science fiction books, and a ferral libertarian. (Permanently out of season, as they shoot back.) Among them are "Pallas," and "The Probability Broach." His topic today is based on his essay, "Lincoln, the American Lennin." He explains why the Tyrant Lincoln was a statist, racist, and our worst president. 38 minutes of the history you thought you knew.

Charles Heller

In her essay "On Immigration And Borders," Linda Cirincione missed an excuse used by the border nazis as a "reason" to "close" the border—that terrorists and criminals will enter the United States unhindered.

The border nazis always forget that there is a simple answer for this—the right to own and carry weapons, properly exercised, will take care of the freelance crooks and terrorists coming north from Mexico, as a side effect of keeping the state-sponsored crooks and terrorists residing in Washington DC and the state capitals from getting too far out of line.

Mike Blessing

Dear Editor,

I must inform you that I will no longer be circulating my FOX News "ifeminist" column online except in the form of a URL that links directly back to the FOX News site. I will no longer publish the column on the ifeminists.net site. I apologize to those who have become accustomed to reposting the entire column. But, again, I must ask that you post only a link to the FOX News site where the column is located.

Wendy McElroy

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