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Simon Jester
Simon Jester


L. Neil Smith's
Number 355, February 19, 2006

Farewell, Wendy, we will miss you!

Vote for the Nazi of Your Choice -- But Vote!
Vote for the Nazi of Your Choice—But Vote!


I have some sad news, this is the last issue of TLE that Wendy McElroy will appear in, unless she writes an article directly for us. Her iFeminist/Fox News columns from now on will be only on the Fox News web site. Bummer! The very fist issue of TLE in 1995 contained a review of one of her books, and she herself first appeared in issue 5 in early 1996. Farewell, Wendy, we will miss you!

Say, how would you (yes, YOU) like to write for TLE? Our authors earn Fame, Fortune, and Groupies! Why not join them? Write us an article about something interesting, send it to me, and be on your way to F F & G.

Okay, I'm lying about fame, fortune and groupies. But you knew that, right?

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Ken Holder

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The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel
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Letters to the Editor
from Charles Heller, Mike Blessing, and Wendy McElroy

Time for a Boynout
by L. Neil Smith
Meet John Spencer, the poor, dumb sacrificial beast the GOP plans to put up against Hillary Rodham Clinton for the US Senate next time around.

How does one distinguish between "real" libertarians... and the nerf variety?
by Linda Cirincione
L. Neil Smith defined ("real") libertarians essentially as those who act consistently with the Non Aggression Principle (NAP). (See quote at the end.)

The Bear That's There
by Jack Duggan
All the stories we see in the TV news, print and Internet media today are like mice in a small room occupied by a grizzly bear. We can see the bear, hear him panting and growling as he attempts to stomp on us, but everyone pretends he's just not there, even though he's eating all the food and we mice are starving.

Unlike You, I Have Nothing Smart To Say About Those Anti-Muslim Cartoons In That Danish Newspaper
by Jonathan David Morris
You know, I'm not going to lie to you. Sometimes I'm too open-minded for my own good.

It's Your War! You Go Fight It!
by Doug Newman
According to the Denver Rocky Mountain News, a survey of high school students in Jefferson County, Colorado, just west of Denver, revealed that 25 percent of them opted out of allowing military recruiters to contact them. This is up from 13 percent one year before. In highly affluent Douglas County, south of Denver, the number is 55 percent.

The Lies Are Worth A Shot
by Lady Liberty
When you live in mortal fear of something like many gun control advocates do, it seems that nothing is off the table where debate (I use the term loosely) techniques are concerned. Even when there's little for them to use in the way of argument fodder, they'll take what there is and fold, bend, spindle and mutilate it to suit their needs at the time. On some occasions, when there's nothing at all to use they'll simply fabricate their "evidence." And, like so many falsehoods or misrepresentations, the more the lies are repeated, the more believable they become to the credulous members of the public.

Lovers of Liberty Take Heart
by Scott Kauzlarich
The above quote from Murray Rothbard is as true today as when he first wrote it. Libertarians are pessimistic. Some are so pessimistic that they don't even call themselves Libertarian, preferring to join other groups or take on some other label.

Sexual Harassment Policies Need Reform
by Wendy McElroy
Parents—lock up your sons and daughters! From grade school to grad symposiums, school corridors are more sexually dangerous than city streets.

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