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Simon Jester
Simon Jester


L. Neil Smith's
Number 358, March 12, 2006

Arizona Snowstorm

Arizona Snowstorm
Looking Out My Front Door: Snow!


That picture up there is actually from 6 years ago. Didn't have any AA batteries for the digicam for today's snow, which is much more than what you see in that picture. They've said that Arizona has had the dryest winter in about 600-years (based on tree-rings and such), so it is nice to finally get some moisture on the ground! Of course, we're not planning on going anywhere this weekend, which is a good thing!

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Ken Holder

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Letters to the Editor
from Nicolas Leobold

The Story of H
by Ali Massoud
My friend H. is probably gonna kill a cop some night. Deliberately, violently, and with no remorse in his heart whatever. But it could be a hapless security guard or nightwatchman that he kills though too. Or perhaps maybe a pizza-deliveryman that knocks on H.'s door by accident some night also. Hell, it could even be me that he kills. Now me getting hurt would presumably be an accident on H.'s part. I am his friend and comrade of longstanding after all. However I wouldn't be any less dead or wounded for all that though would I?

By a Show of Hands, Who Cares About The First Amendment?
by Jonathan David Morris
Seventeen percent of Americans think the First Amendment guarantees them the right to drive a car. I'm not kidding about this.

More on Locke and the Logical Conclusion of His Philosophy
by Stephen Hodos
I was recently reading a copy of Friedrich A. Hayek's The Road to Serfdom at a local restaurant when I was approached by a stranger with an opinion. The man began by asking me how it was that I became familiar with Hayek. If you are not familiar with Friedrich Hayek, he was an economist of the 20th Century whose most popular work The Road to Serfdom was published just prior to the end of World War II. In The Road to Serfdom Hayek outlines the doom that awaits any nation which heads down the slippery slope of socialism. Back to the restaurant. When I told the inquiring gentleman that I am a libertarian he told me that I am "halfway there." When I asked him what he meant by this statement he did not hesitate to explain. He told me why the war in Iraq is necessary to counteract the growing threat of terrorism that is a result of bourgeoning hostilities amongst middle-eastern Muslims. He went on to explain to me that some social programs will always be necessary to counteract poverty at home. While the conversation was cut short, I am sure that there are more issues at which my philosophy is only "halfway there" according to his self-proclaimed conservative ideology.

Talking the Talk
by Lady Liberty
Last year, Hollywood claims to have had it rough. Box office receipts were down about 6%, and studios were worried (never mind the fact that 2004 was a record year and that 2005 was almost bound to be down at least a little). Some people said that this was just desserts for moviemakers who weren't offering enough family-friendly fare or even a significant number of really good films (by "good," I mean films of the type that usually win Oscars® and critical acclaim, but which don't make lots and lots of money).

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