Banned Near Boston

The Ceres Manuscript Auction

L. Neil Smith is auctioning off the manuscript to his new as-yet-unpublished book Ceres.

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A Alert

Dear Friends of Angel,

Angel had his day in court today. His attorney and the prosecutors had worked out an agreement, which the judge accepted. Here are the results.

The judge overseeing the case ordered the police to give Angel's guns back, but he must register the handguns in compliance with Michigan law (euphemistically called a "safety inspection", but it is clearly registration, a law adopted in the 20s to keep guns out of the hands of Blacks). The only charges on the table were four misdemeanor counts of failure to present a handgun for a safety inspection. The theoried charge discussed in the media and on the Net about "menacing" and threats was not advanced by prosecutors, because there was no substance to the theoried charge. Police and prosecutors figured this out after looking at the facts and evidence.

Angel will be on non-reporting probation on the failure to register charges for a year and a half. Angel will have on his record forever four misdemeanor violations of failure to present his handguns for "safety inspection". Angel must perform three days of community service, which will hold him in Michigan for almost a month (because they are court-scheduled days).

I've been saying for too long now that the attorneys have insisted on silence from anyone having inside information about this situation, because release of such information could very well have torpedoed the deal Angel's attorney had worked out with the prosecutors. Frankly, the prosecutors were not anxious to go to trial on this case, and Angel is too clearly a clean and good guy to be able to spin him as some dangerous nut case.

Now is probably time for me to confess a bit of an ulterior motive in all of this. Angel plans to move to Montana where can live under what legal scholar Dave Kopel calls the freest gun laws in the World (see Dave's Foreword to my book, Gun Laws of Montana), where he can go Prairie Dog hunting with my son Ty and myself, and where he will undertake the needful task of recruiting scads of members for MSSA. According to the plan, recruiting membership for MSSA will be Angel's vocation for the indefinite future. I suspect you may be hearing a pitch from Angel (an MSSA Member since 2003) to join MSSA (hey, a lot of our members don't live in Montana).

So, stay tuned for more info about how this all happened to Angel. In the meantime, if you haven't donated to Angel's legal defense, but wish to do so, there is information about this at:

There IS a deficit of about $10,000 to pay the legal expenses incurred so far.

Thanks loads to all of you for your tolerance of the imposed silence, for your now-justified faith in Angel, for your support letters, and for your donations to Angel's legal defense.

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana

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Number 362, April 9, 2006

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Y'all know, don't you, that L. Neil Smith is auctioning off the hand-corrected manuscript to his latest book Ceres? Y'all know, don't you, that Neil mostly does his writing on the computer these days, and rarely produces a printed version? In other words, this chance may not come again! So read all about it in that little box up top of the page and then check your bank account!

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Ken Holder

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Letters to the Editor
from Jim Davidson, Chuck Gullion, Alan Korwin, and K. Jack Chleva

Banned Near Boston
More chicanery from the underworld of family law.

by Stephen Baskerville, PhD
Nearly ninety years ago, when divorce liberalization was being advocated by feminists, G.K. Chesterton warned in The Superstition of Divorce that undermining the family would imperil civic freedom. His warning was vindicated recently when Massachusetts family court judge Mary Manzi outlawed a book that criticizes government officials. Manzi herself is sharply criticized in the book but obviously did not recuse herself from the proceeding.

Home of the Economically Ignorant?
by Chris Claypoole
In "Home of the Brave?" [last issue], John Steinsvold opined: "Economists concede that economics is an inexact science. What does that mean? Perhaps it means their economic forecast is better than yours or mine." Possibly. But it certainly means, given what follows, that anyone with economics training has a better knowledge of what economics can and cannot do than he does. Not that what he writes has much at all to do with economics. It has far more to do with politics, especially the politics of envy, and of wishful thinking about economic prescriptions that have failed many times in the past.

Political Junk Science and its Geeks
by Darian Worden
I am majoring in history and political science, and I'm very glad to be finished with the political science requirement. Every class I took for that subject I ended up disliking by the end of the semester. By the time that I realized they would all suck, I was almost done with my polisci requirement so I just finished it.

If You Love Your Country, You Should Question 9/11
by Jonathan David Morris
Charlie Sheen likes prostitutes. On March 20th, the aforementioned actor appeared on the Alex Jones radio show to discuss his thoughts on 9/11. He said he didn't believe that a plane hit the Pentagon, and added the Twin Towers looked like they were imploded. And the best response anyone could come up with was to say he was nuts and likes prostitutes.

Q & A: The New $10 Bill
by Pete Stephenson
We have received many inquiries about the new ten dollar bill. Here are some of the frequently asked questions. Please refer to this FAQ before sending us your questions.

Without Exception
by Lady Liberty
Last week, I was searching through news headlines when I found another story about another state working for passage of a "stand your ground" law (that's a law that says you aren't obligated to retreat before using deadly force if you believe that deadly force is warranted). While I thought the law was a good thing, when I passed along the news to others online I also pointed out (just a little tongue in cheek) that all of us already had one of those, no matter where we lived, and that it's called "The Second Amendment."

Home of the Slave?
by Michael Bradshaw
Re the article "Home of the Brave?" by John Steinsvold in issue #361: If Master Steinsvold's article is supposed to be an April Fool day joke; it is a day late. If so, please accept my apology and read no further. If not, I wish to address and dismiss it.

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