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Simon Jester
Simon Jester


L. Neil Smith's
Number 366, May 7, 2006

"The Lamestream Media"

Gollum Bush
Gollum Bush
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I'm glad I don't have to write editorials. I frequently can't think of anything to say for these short introductions! And if I've got nothing to say, well, then I say nothing. That's just the way I am. Not much of a talker. Never have been.

However, I do manage to put out a few words appealing for financial support for TLE. We take cash, and also enjoy it when our faithful readers click on our affiliate and advertising links to earn us a bit of commission on purchases. We don't need all that much to live on, and not all that much is what we get. For which I'm pleased to say "thank you!"

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Letters to the Editor
from Scott Bieser, Renata Russell, and Kat Dillon

Candy From Babies
by L. Neil Smith
Some people, it would seem, just can't be satisfied unless they're taking something away from somebody else. Something that gives them pleasure.

Tony Blair: Let There be no Easy Way Out for Him
by Sean Gabb
I think it was Caligula who used to shout exultantly over his victims: "Ite feri ut se sentiat emori"—"strike him so that he knows he is dying". Looking at his scared, sweaty face in the newspapers this morning, I begin to suspect that some higher force is exulting in similar fashion over Tony Blair. I despise the Conservative Party. I despise it for what it has become. I also despise it for its inability to win elections on more than points: a real opposition to this Prime Minister would have won a crushing victory in the local government elections yesterday, as opposed merely to making significant gains. Even so, the Conservatives did humble him by the scale of their gains. And he has been forced to dismiss one of his most loyal Ministers and to strip another of all effective power.

Twilight Zone
by Kathryn A. Graham
For the last several years, I have felt like I was living in the Twilight Zone. Every time I started to get a mental handle on the abuses of our government, something new came up that left me reeling with shock. Well, I'm out of shock now. I am just plain pissed.

An Open Letter to the FCC
by Jonathan David Morris
Dear Commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission, I must say as an American my entire life I am stunned by what this country has come to. I have just about had it with the "sexually" suggestive commentary coming out of my television this morning and would like to file a formal complaint with the Commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission in hopes that you will rectify the situation and consider further safeguards to prevent the kind of "sexually" suggestive commentary I heard coming out my television set this morning in future network broadcasts such as the one I was subjected to this morning which I was thoroughly appalled by on network TV.

On Taxation
by Alan R. Weiss
Welcome to the People's Democratic Republic of Austin, otherwise known as the Austin Soviet Socialist Republic—comrade. I assume that you've read the fine print, eh?

Page Nine
The Uninvited Ombudsman Report

by Alan Korwin
Though many of my friends and fans think of me as The Gun Guy (because of all my gun-law books), I'm really a writer, have been for more than 20 years. My fertile brain has been working on a journalism concept that's never been tried. It is a single page in major newspapers ("Page Nine" regardless of the page it runs on), that covers the day's stories as they ought to read, not the way left-wing news rooms color things. Like FOX on steroids, for the print world. It would be the most read page in the paper, a refreshing breath of clean air. Here's a casual sample (without the hard sweat Page Nine would really need). It might make you say, "They'll never run that!" but the page will be built around ad revenues from right thinking mainstream businesses.

Being Mean to Intelligent Designers
by Darian Worden
I think that most readers of The Libertarian Enterprise would agree that that the best way to resolve the evolution versus intelligent design controversy is to separate school and state. This would allow parents and their kids to decide what combination of reason and faith they think is the best explanation of how we got here, and it would keep politics out of the decision. So instead of beating that issue to death, I'm going to share a few thoughts I've had about the controversy that fall along different lines.

Yanqui Libre!
by Jack Duggan
We are planning on changing your nation's name from "Mexico" to "Americo."

Who, Me?
by Lady Liberty
In the last few weeks, I was somewhat taken aback to learn that I oppose freedom of speech; I do not support the right to keep and bear arms; I am, by turns, a statist or an anarchist; and I'm a racist to boot. I'm under no illusions that any of these descriptive terms are good things. Fortunately for me, it just so happens that none of them are true.

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