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Simon Jester
Simon Jester


L. Neil Smith's
Number 367, May 14, 2006

Hi Mom!

It's Legal!


Happy Mother's Day! And Happy Birthday! to my wife Patricia.

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So dig in to this, the 367th issue of TLE

Ken Holder

TPM cover thumnail
Tom Paine Maru
by L. Neil Smith
Cover by Scott Bieser
First uncensored edition. Originally published by Del Rey Books, 1984.
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The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel
by L. Neil Smith
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by BigHead Press, 2004


Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith, Jim Davidson, Alan Korwin, Mitch Wayne, Steve Trinward, and Dennis Kabaczy

The Big Six-OhMyGod!
by L. Neil Smith
There's no way to euphemize it, or sneak up on the subject gently. I was born in May of 1946. I turned 60 yesterday. I have now met the definition I've carried around in my head since I was a kid, of an Old Guy.

Ask the Right Question; An interview with a Neo-LINO
by Dennis Lee Wilson
First, libertarians became divided on the red herring issue of abortion, and then they were further subdivided on the issue of the US government's initiation of Wars of Empire in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the few remaining libertarians are being even further decimated on the issue of Freedom of Travel, also known as the War against Immigration. These latest defections from libertarian principles qualify as "new" Libertarians In Name Only or "neo-LINOs".

How Quickly We Forget
by Lady Liberty
When promotional trailers for the first of the big studio 9/11 movies began to roll in New York City theatres, audiences protested. "Too soon!" they shouted at the screen. Theatre managers responded by pulling previews for United 93. The film premiered on schedule on April 26; reviews have been largely positive as far as the movie goes, though have almost universally warned of its visceral emotional impact (click here for my own take on the film).

Conventional Wisdom vs the World
by Jonathan David Morris
Every now and then, the writer of this weekly column, Jonathan David Morris, likes to hand the floor over to someone who actually knows what he's talking about. That someone, of course, would be me. My name is Conventional Wisdom, and this is my mailbag. Whatever your questions, please feel free to ask me. As always, I'll do my best to answer them or deflect them to my liking.

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