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Number 368, May 21, 2006

"Vote For No Incumbent"

It's Time For Another War
by Darian Worden

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Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York, seems to be intent on waging his own war on gun rights (financed by stolen money, of course). I think it's about time we freedom-lovers stopped merely watching politicians declare war on things, and started having a little fun ourselves. Let's have a War on Michael Bloomberg.

In case you aren't aware of what this puke thinks of your right to keep and bear arms, just Google "bloomberg gun control" to get a taste of it. It's not pretty. His latest misdeed proves that he is a problem that has gotten out of hand and must be dealt with now for the children's sake.

What did the clown do this time? He "filed a 78-page lawsuit against gun dealers in five states in a bid to reduce the number of illegal weapons in the city." What is his reason for doing so? Apparently "New York officials claim the shops supply guns that flow into the city, including some that end up in the hands of criminals." What a great sentence! You gotta love the imagery of a wave of guns "flowing" into the streets of New York. You also gotta love how "supplying guns" is made out to be some kind of evil activity. But the last phrase takes the biscuit! "Including some that end up in the hands of criminals." So apparently a few of the guns these places sold were eventually found "in the hands of criminals."

We should be suspicious of anything that New York officials say about this. The most obvious reason to be suspicious is that you can trust any government official about as far as you can kick them. We should also keep in mind that these losers consider it a crime to carry a gun to defend yourself. So if you've ever carried illegally in New York, you could be one of those criminals Bloomy and his minions are now shaking their fingers at. So could some decent people caught driving while black and discovered to be in possession of a weapon after an unreasonable search. And the whole "string of kids shot because they had toy guns" thing doesn't help either.

It is obvious that people are safer when their rights to own and carry weapons are not infringed upon. Citizen disarmament is failing to make New Yorkers safe, and like all good politicians, the "officials" have a scapegoat for the problem they created—in this case, flowing guns. Of course, their "solution" involves giving them more money and power.

So how does the city government know these particular gun stores are evil?

"Wearing hidden cameras . . . investigators entered stores in teams of two, usually a man and a woman. While the woman roamed the store and acted uninterested, the man made all the inquiries about the gun and made it clear he was the buyer, the city said. When it came time to make the purchase, the woman would step up to fill out the paperwork."

Great! Everyone benefits from BATFE style gender profiling!

Seriously though, imagine that a woman's husband, brother, or friend is not able to legally purchase a gun because he got caught with some weed a while ago or was lax on paying his IRS protection money. Why shouldn't he have the opportunity to defend his life with the best gun he can afford?

With all this in mind, how are we going to wage war on Michael Bloomberg anyway?

First, we should not be violent in this war—nobody should bust down anyone's door at 4 a.m. to see if they are hiding any Michael Bloomberg in their home, nor should we steal people's money to finance our war. We get the moral high ground. We also should not boycott NYC businesses. All that would do is harm New Yorkers who, despite their annoying driving habits, are often decent people who are already suffering enough under city government tyranny. Although it might be tempting to help friends in New York get their hands on all the illegal weaponry they can, I certainly wouldn't advise doing that either.

The first thing gun people should do is stop referring to the city as "that socialist cesspool" or whatever your pet name for it is. If we want more New Yorkers to show respect for us non-New York gun nuts, we must show more respect for them, as well as show that we are sophisticated enough to know that not everyone in the city supports Bloomy's War on America. I'm not saying to praise New York or pretend you would like to live there, just to quit acting like it is the worst place in the country (a niche obviously taken by DC).

Aside from using the necessary respect, I have three strategies in mind.

  • 1) Spread the message of firearms and freedom in New York. If you live, work, or play in New York, flood the place with propaganda. Make up some leaflets, buy "Innocents Betrayed" in bulk and sell it cheap to unsuspecting people who think it's some bootleg, rent or make one of those mobile billboards, be creative. Remember: Bloomy asked for it.

  • 2) Support New York pro-freedom organizations. Bloomy wants to wage his war on guns everywhere. I think gun owners should bring our war on him to his turf. Sure, supporting GOA and JPFO is good, but this time, consider a donation to The Manhattan LP, SCOPE NY, or New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.

  • 3) Spread firearms skills and enthusiasm like it's your job, especially if you live in New York or within commuting distance of the city. Using firearms will not magically turn people into libertarians, but it probably will give them more respect for guns and people who use them, and less respect for politicians who want to ban them.

So there you have it, my declaration of War on Michael Bloomberg. Like a true libertarian war, each individual is free to make the declaration as he or she sees fit. And just because I show a libertarian bias here doesn't mean we can't get our non-libertarian friends to join the fun too. Just make sure they don't initiate any force.


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