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Simon Jester
Simon Jester


L. Neil Smith's
Number 369, May 28, 2006

"Data Privacy is a Fundamental Right"

George and Drug Dog
George and the Drug Dog


Time to plug one of our Affiliates. Last weekend the video card in my wife's computer up and started not working right. So I signed on to and looked for a replacement. I found a nice Matrox AGP card for the tidy sum of $11. Checking the PayPal account showed $22, so I placed the order. Even with shipping that left a few bucks in PayPal. Five days later, it was delivered. Works perfectly. So let me say, I've never been anything other than delighted in the service I get from Tiger Direct. And the price wasn't bad either.

Of course, now the PayPal account is almost empty, so if you'd like to help keep TLE "on the air", why not make a donation yourself, at

This issue we get threatened by PGP for printing an article in which Kate Graham expressed an opinion about them they didn't like. If it's not one damned thing, it's another! So let me apologize for any ruffled feathers, and we here at TLE sure don't want to cause any harm to PGP's reputation or income—although I'm pretty sure the people who read TLE are in the habit of thinking for themselves and don't take anybody's word on anything about anything. Anytime. Heck, we couldn't harm PGP's reputation or income if we wanted to . . . which we don't.

In other matters, this issue has a refreshing departure from all of the political matters and instead deals with . . . religion. Hum . . . I think it's time for me to write some more music reviews, eh?

So dig in and enjoy this, the three-hundred-sixty-ninth issue of The Libertarian Enterprise.

Ken Holder

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Letters to the Editor
from Un-named Person with Reply by L. Neil Smith, Frank Ney, Kevin Van Horn, "Alex", and Brian Draves, General Counsel, PGP Corporation

Christianity . . . the Mother of Harlots
by Russell D. Longcore
The Christian church of the 21st century is completely sold out to the State. I grew up a Baptist kid. (I'm a Christian, but thank God, I've been delivered from being Baptist!) I remember hearing sermons on prophecy, and hearing preachers say that the Catholic Church was the woman of Revelation 17:5, called "Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. After 52 years on this planet, and tons of study, I've come to believe that it is the whole of the organized Christian church . . . Christendom . . . that is that prophetic Woman.

On The DaVinci Code and L. Neil Smith's Comments
by Alan R. Weiss
First, I'm a relatively new Christian who was formerly an atheist (and before that agnostic, and ... but still a libertarian), so what I'm about to say is based on my current research into my faith.

On Barbaro: The Horse That You Hold Dear
by Jonathan David Morris
Most people don't care about thoroughbred horse racing. Three Saturdays each spring, countless Americans gather 'round to watch a bunch of horses they've never ridden or even seen up close in person compete in the Triple Crown races. We curl our toes and clench our lips. Our hearts beat quickly. And for an annual total of roughly six minutes, most of us do seem to care.

The Da Vinci Code: What it Means—And What it Doesn't
by Lady Liberty
I like to read, and I'm always on the look-out for good books. When I heard so much about The Da Vinci Code, I obviously just had to take a look for myself. It's testament to just how good it is that I wasn't disappointed when I finally did get the chance to read it.

Is Racism Worse Now Than in the '80s?
by Wendy McElroy
Racism and sexism may be deepening despite decades of measures aimed at cleansing them from society. This conclusion is suggested by the ugly and unrelenting public backlash that surrounds the Duke Lacrosse case in which a black female was allegedly raped by three white males.

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