L. Neil Smith's
Number 371, June 11, 2006

"A lot of controversy"

More Apathy
by Kevin Tulppo

Reprinted by The Libertarian Enterprise

I am exhausted. I'm working like a galley-slave and I've got both of my vehicles down, one of which ain't getting back up.

Mid-term elections are still months away and already the bombast of officious halfwits has reached the level of screeching insanity. All we hear about is immigration, gay marriage, and alleged atrocities in Iraq.

The "browning of America" has only been going on for two hundred years and you won't find anyone in this country, white, black, or otherwise, that'll do those tough, dirty jobs for low wages. WTF? Mexicans are coming here and finding plenty of work, yet everybody's bitching about outsourcing. What folks are really pissed off about is the $20-an-hour button-pushing jobs (that have pretty much killed heavy industry in America) being moved out of the country and out of the sweaty grasp of labor union extortionists who have a terminally inflated idea about what labor is worth. You've flogged your milch-cows and now—surprise, surprise—the cows won't give anymore. You've been pissing on the bright boys that created your jobs for a hundred years and now they've decided to get out of the rain. Congratulations. It's amusing to watch you stomp on the corpse of GM like a gang of angry apes. Marx would be proud.

And who really cares whether gays get married? You've been ragging on them for decades as being promiscuous and irresponsible, yet you'll deny them the thing that will most foster commitment and responsibility. And before you start yammering about the "sacred institution" of marriage, I invite you to look up divorce attorneys in your local Yellow Pages. Marriage is about two people announcing, for all the world to see, their commitment to each other. Men and women have been reneging on this particular commitment since time immemorial. Why fuck with anyone willing to take a swing at it? I would think that any kind of voluntary commitment would be a welcome sight in this day and age. Just as who you chose to marry is none of their business, who they chose is none of yours. Mind your own fucking business.

Atrocities in Iraq? Get outta here! Who'd have thunk it? Of course, there is a war on, you know. Ammunition doesn't separate friend from foe. Of course there are gonna be atrocities. Any time you put a bunch of guys with uniforms and guns up against a bunch of guys who have no such formal affectations, this is what happens. When the guy that just walked out of that house, minding his own business, looks almost exactly like the guy who just vaporized himself and nineteen strangers, things will repeat will get out of hand. Military force cannot defeat determined terrorists; you'd sooner stop a river with a sieve. You have to make it worth their while to not blow themselves up. Quick math quiz: X dead innocents = 1 terrorist. Show your work.

Like it or not, this is just the latest skirmish in a war that's been going on for about 1200 years. You can thank the Catholic church for it. If they hadn't had the bright idea to try to take the Holy Land from a bunch of vicious desert nomads who'd already been at war over it for generations, we probably wouldn't be dealing with this bullshit today. If we'd just quit dropping bombs on their stone hovels for a while and try to cut a deal, maybe we could stop spending half of our net worth on fuel for heating our homes and going to work.

Of course, few people care to see these things in such simple terms. They'd rather just gawk at the tube and parrot their favorite soundbytes to anyone within earshot. The sickening thing is that there are serious things happening under cover of all this noxious bullshit. New London, Connecticut is seizing people's homes and not even trying to think up a good reason for it. Senior citizens, optometrists, housewives, single fathers, and the working poor in general are increasingly becoming collateral damage victims of America's longest war. Congress en masse has been implicated in the kind of sleazy money-grubbing and criminal shenanigans that got Nixon run out of town on a rail and all they can do is insist that the FBI give them plenty of heads-up before not being allowed to search their homes and offices. And then there's Haliburton, building detention camps in America. But the government assures us that they won't be used on Americans. Egad, no! Perish the thought. . .

And what are you doing about all this? You're making sure fags can't get married, that's what. The whole country is swirling down the shitter because you simply can't keep your fucking noses out of other people's business. You elect a bunch of criminal poltroons to make sure that the other guy stays in line, blithely and cavalierly loosing the bull in the china shop, and then you drop the hammer on everybody else when shit gets broken.

Well, fuck you all. You're getting exactly what you all deserve. And since, through no fault of my own, I'm getting dragged down with you, you can all go to Hell.


Mr. Tulppo writes a blog "MTFO" on Blogspot at http://mtfo.blogspot.com/


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