L. Neil Smith's
Number 373, June 25, 2006

"Head Shots"

Calling All Government Workers,
Please Help Us Save the Republic by QUITTING Today
by Gerald Montgomery

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

On May 19th, I did the best thing I could do for the people of America right now: I quit my $42K a year government job. I contacted the Social Security Administration and told them I want to FORFEIT my benefits. Unconditionally. Period. And I will not complete a 20 year tour of service with the U.S. Army National Guard so I'm slamming the door on that government check as well.

I'm asking all government employees to quit. You're all a bunch of parasites. You produce nothing tangible in terms of wealth, in terms of goods and services that people actually WANT. You feed off the blood, sweat, and wealth of hard-working Americans. You produce nothing while sucking the life out of the producers that actually keep the economy up and running.

Albert J. Nock pointed out with great lucidity: "It is unfortunately none too well understood that, just as the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. All the power it has is what society gives it, plus what it confiscates from time to time on one pretext or another; there is no other source from which State power can be drawn."

Let's talk about confiscating power on "one pretext or another." The biggest power grab since the Civil War took place with the passage of the USA Patriot Act. The pretext: September 11. And since September 11, just who has benefited the most from this disaster? Answer: The State. They've all but shredded the Constitution now and have wasted NO TIME in erecting a Total Surveillance Society all around us. The Police State is here. Now.

I remind you: the State, the government, isn't a real, physical creature in the world we can point to or take a picture of. It is an abstraction, an idea, made up of a whole bunch of people that work in government offices.

The government is completely out of control right now. If you work for the government, you are completely complacent in the destruction of the American Dream. You are part of the problem and by continuing to work for this organization known as the government—you are aiding and abetting the dismantling of our way of life and our cherished founding documents. That's the price of your government paycheck, your completely unrealistic benefits and entitlement packages that come with that job, you're a parasite and you're killing this country.

If you love America, QUIT. NOW.

Is your government check, your pension, your Social Security "benefits" worth the price tag that YOU are sentencing your CHILDREN to living in a Police State? This police state is being precipitated by the financial collapse of America. America is collapsing. The price tag of ever expanding government is no longer sustainable.

Do you love America, oh government worker?

Then QUIT. Today.

Find work in the private sector. Become a wealth producer, not a wealth sucker.

You're a parasite.

I was, too. And I woke up and I took the only rational action possible. I QUIT. Cold turkey. No more benefits. No more golden parachutes. No more pensions or entitlements. I am entitled to NOTHING from NOBODY. Since when did Americans get swindled into thinking that the government owes you a living? It's a lie and it's a lie that is KILLING THIS COUNTRY.

Start a business. I did. I haven't replaced my government handout yet, but I will ultimately surpass that yearly figure many times over. I will make $42K a MONTH, not a year. There's only one place you can realistically engineer an income like that: in the private sector, running your own BUSINESS. Creating wealth, not living off other people's wealth. . . like a parasite.

We can be a truly free country again. Five minutes from now, in fact. All it would take is for all government employees to exercise the greatest act of patriotism possible today: walk away from your government job. If you, the government worker, quit today—YOU'D SAVE AMERICA. You'd stop the police state dead in its tracks.

Chew on that mind meat for awhile.

Gerald Montgomery is COO of Universal Exports and Holding Company, Inc. He owns the website: www.TheSecretAgentMan.com.


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