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Letter from Mike Blessing with reply from Jim Davidson

Letter from Terry Wilson

Letter from Rex May

Letter from Ben F. Irvin

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Letter from Trebor Jackson

Letter from Derek Benner

Jim Davidson makes a few crucial points in "A Modest Proposal" [http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2006/tle373-20060625-02.html] that libertarians need to keep in mind. One aspect that he forgot to bring up, however, is that for a candidate to vote for himself, that candidate would be required to shoot "himself" in the head. I can see myself offering most candidates my pistol with a round in the chamber and telling them, "Make it easy on yourself and do it for real."

What I'd really love to see is an outhouse on top of every politician's grave site. That way we can provide for them, in some measure, the rewards they so richly deserve.

Mike Blessing

Reply from Jim Davidson

Dear Mike,

Glad you liked it. Another friend wrote to say that my modest proposal combined with a good 30-30 gives a whole new meaning to "pulling the lever for your candidate."

You are indeed a great Blessing for freedom.


Jim Davidson

Dear TLE editor,

Gerald Montgomery writes, "I'm asking all government employees to quit. . . . You're a parasite. I was, too. And I woke up and I took the only rational action possible. I QUIT. Cold turkey."

I don't know if I'd say all government employees parasites. But sure, 95% or whatever. Good luck getting people to detach themselves from the teat though.

A few persons might do it. . . and presumably some of those will relapse. I remember one anarcho-capitalist woman who, some years ago, quit a staff job with her local state university, even publishing an announcement about how morally relieved she was to have done so. But soon enough she was back on the gov-job. Still there, going on two decades later. Private sector is tough, I guess.

Terry Wilson

"The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)" [http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2006/tle372-20060618-07.html]is, I fear, just a salvo in the ongoing campaign to make us all hate and fear Muslims, so the neocons can continue to conquer them (not personally, of course—the Neocons are strangely averse to military service personally) and make the Middle East safe for Israel. Are there truths in the book? Certainly. A similar book could be written about the viciousness and untrustworthiness of the English, the Gypsies, the Uruguayans, the Jews, the Hoosiers, anybody. But it was written to inspire more hysteria and belligerence towards a people who are no threat to us at all.

Rex May
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Here's something that I would like placed in the letters-to-the editor section of The Libertarian Enterprise. State Senator Jerry O'Neil is the secretary for the Montana Libertarian Party, and has termed-out as a state senator. He has a good chance of being elected a Montana justice of the peace if he can get a little financial help to combat the Montana Bar Association that hates him.


Ben F. Irvin

Shore, why knot? Here ya go:—Editor

I just received a letter from Montana State Senator Jerry O'Neil inviting my family and I to a pot luck/ wiener roast at his home in Columbia Falls. Jerry is celebrating his narrow victory in the recent primary election to be a Montana Justice of the Peace.

Here's the primary election results for one of Montana's most successful libertarians:

Jerry O'Neil 4,653 29%
Mark Sullivan, Attorney at Law 3,932 25%
Tom Muri, Attorney at Law 3,781 24%
Lane K. Bennett, Attorney at Law 3,642 23%

Because Jerry didn't get a majority of the votes, he will again face Mark Sullivan in the General Election in November. The Montana Bar Association is doing all that it can to defeat Jerry O'Neil because he is not a "certificated attorney," and because of his strong libertarian philosophy. Two of the candidate eliminated in the primary election have thrown their support behind Sullivan.

Jerry needs your financial support. If you wish to help a Montana LP officer win another office, please contact Jerry at:

Jerry O'Neil for JP
985 Walsh Road
Columbia Falls. MT 59912
Phone: 406-892-7602
Fax: 406-892-7603

BTW, Jerry terms out as a state senator in January, 2007.


A fake informercial for the fake album "Folk Songs of the Far Right Wing":


Now that is funny!


You're invited to take a first look at ANARCHIA in a photo album of the libertarian_culture group site in advance of posting it on my own site www.amazingliberty.com.

I enjoy libertarian fantasy and fiction, and I intend to create more when the inspiration takes me. Also, I'm checking to see if there are bodies out there interested in contributing their own stories and comics. If you have a story, contact me at rdjjr@earthlink.net. Put Amazing Liberty 2 in the subject line so that I don't delete it as spam. If there are enough good contributions, maybe they can be put together into an AMAZING LIBERTY #2.

Speaking of enjoying libertarian fantasy, check out the web comic Roswell, Texas at www.bigheadpress.com. I'm finding it a page turner.

Trebor Jackson

In The Probability Broach, Win Bear gets accelerated healing of broken bones from electrical field stimulation through the use of Bassett coils. At the University of Alberta, one researcher believes he's found a similar technique using ultrasound.


Derek Benner
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