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Number 379, August 6, 2006

"Absolutely Shockingly Amazing"

Lebanon and Gaza: The Back Story
by L. Reichard White

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

You are probably a victim of major propaganda———

The History of U.S. War Propaganda

As the Discovery Times video clip [above] from "The White House at War" says, "Controlling the message has been a hallmark of successful wartime presidents. At the start of World War I, President Woodrow Wilson created the first official U.S. propaganda office, called the Committee on Public Information." And, "President Bush wasn't merely watching the images of war on television, the White House and the Pentagon were trying to control them."

We now know that even Pearl Harbor was also a U.S. Presidential propaganda coup of sorts: The History Channel admits FDR at the very least knew in advance of the Japanese attack but didn't warn the troops. That's what it took to overcome the "isolationist" desire of 80% of U.S. citizens to honor George Washington's farewell admonition and avoid entangling foreign alliances.

The U.S. Government, using the corporate media—what I sometimes call "The Fifth Branch of Government" [1]-- for propaganda purposes, has been common practice in the U.S. for a long time———

Ex-Sen. Gary Hart: U.S. Media in Cahoots With CIA and White House

As ex-senator and once Presidental candidate Gary Hart admits to Amy Goodman in the clip above—via his tenure on "The Church Committee" which investigated U.S. intelligence activities (F.B.I., CIA, etc.)—"...the CIA can't do it [carry out the White House directives on propaganda] unless they have willing accomplices and so you had The New York Times, you had the Louisville Courier Journal, you had Time Magazine, you had CBS, you had Newsweek, you had The Miami Herald, the Saturday Evening Post, you had a lot of publications and news outlets that were willing to work with the CIA."

The only difference in the last couple of weeks is that that propaganda is slanted, not in favor of the U.S. Government, but in favor of its puppet master, the Israeli government, instead. [2]

Given the pro-Israel slant in our fifth branch, perhaps a little context might help you figure out what's really going on in the mid-east, in what ex-speaker of the house Newt Gingrich has called "the beginning of World War Three."

The IDF, Mossad, etc. regularly take hostages and kill innocent Palestinian men, women and children in their pursuit of what they call "terrorists"—who, in cases where the Israelis get it right, are actually doing exactly what the Israeli IDF/Mossad terrorists are doing to Palestinians. The Palestinians just don't have the label "state" to hide behind.

Just for example, Israel illegally holds approximately 9,500 Arab civilian prisoners, including women and children. I say approximately because Israeli operatives sometimes "disappear" these people—like the U.S. Government does with what's euphemistically called "extraordinary renditions."

According to seminal linguist and anti-establishment activist Noam Chomsky, [3] Israeli operatives abducted two Gaza civilians—a doctor and his brother—the day before the Palestinians in Gaza took the first IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit, to try to get the brothers back.

Since the official Israeli doctrine is that one Jewish life is worth many non-Jews, one Israeli soldier should have been enough for that exchange. In fact, some exchanges have involved up to 1,000 Arabs in return for a mere handful of Israeli soldiers.

And, on the Lebanon border, the Israelis regularly kidnap folks (civilians, not soldiers)—and it's become almost traditional for Hizbullah to take military hostages and try to arrange prisoner exchanges using them. While this is clearly a dangerous game, what was different this time?

Well first off—and you 4th Generation Warfare fans will find this interesting—Hizbullah took out an Israeli tank, undoubtedly an Abrams or similar since the U.S. supplies 20% of Israeli equipment gratis and Israel buys most of the rest here as well. In addition to the two taken hostage, eight other Israeli soldiers were killed in the Hizbullah attack.

But Hizbullah, an extra-state organization—you might even call it an NGO—still expecting to play "Let's Make a Deal," obviously didn't immediately begin shooting off it's primitive unguided "ballistic only" Kaytusha rockets into Israel to celebrate.

They were seeking hostage negotiations.

But literally over night, the Israeli Government started a massive bombing campaign against Lebanese "infrastructure." You know, the electric plants, sewage treatment plants, the airports, bridges, radio and TV stations [4], etc. You've seen this sort of thing somewhere before quite recently haven't you?

Imagine yourself in your home town in the same situation. You can't get any water, your electricity is off so your refrigerator stops. And you can't flush your toilet. And you can't get any food to replace what's spoiled in your refrigerator because the supermarket has sold out. And you can't flee because the bridges have been bombed and there isn't any gasoline available anyway. It will be months before anything gets repaired, if then.

And so far, there have been well over 700 Lebanese civilians so severely "collaterally damaged" that they had to be buried. And at least another 200 pre-buried under collapsed buildings. Under those conditions, it's extremely difficult to do an accurate body count at all. Especially when the bodies are mostly children buried under bombed out rubble as in Qana, Lebanon—and their bodies can't even be sorted out———

In the following clip, Veteran war correspondent Robert Fisk describes the aftermath of that Israeli massacre, which killed an estimated 57 Lebanese civilians, including upwards of 37 children. Not for the faint of heart.

Correspondent Fisk on July 30, 2006 Israeli Government massacre of kids in Qana, Lebanon

Israel chose to start the heavy action, not Hizbullah. It was after the Israeli bombing attacks that Hizbullah members began firing off all those Kaytushas.

The fact that the Israeli attack was mounted so quickly reveals that it was prepared in advance and so had nothing much to do with those poor Israeli military hostages. They were just convenient pawns used by those comprising the Israeli Sarkar [5].

If you don't want to take this from me, how about having U.S. Ambassador and former "Chief of Mission" to Iraq Edward Peck—and Lebanese Hizbullah head Sheik Hassan Nasrallah—sum it up for you———

Ambassador Peck & Nasrallah on 2006 Israeli attacks on Lebanon

So what's REALLY going on behind this hostage propaganda smoke screen is another Iraq-like pre-planned well in advance, pre-meditated, so-called "pre-emptive" operation, prepared more than a year in advance.

The San Francisco Chronical story linked just above is, in my opinion, what's known as a "limited hangout" story. Once the truth starts to leak out, governments begin to have problems. As Chief Nazi "Information Officer" Joseph P. Goebbels noted, "the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State." So, in the best Goebbels tradition, Israeli "information officers,"—not to mention their U.S. Coporate Media dupes—admit what's known, but give it their own pro-Israel anti-Lebanon slant.

None the less, one thing is clear: The Israeli Sarkar planned this attack well before the current military hostages were taken by Hizbullah.

The operative phrase in both Lebanon and Gaza is "collective punishment." If someone from your country—or even someone who just happens to be in your country—(or your state, town, lodge, club, etc.—or even your city block) does something "bad" to me, it's O.K. for me to punish anyone and/or everyone from that country, state, town, lodge, club, etc. The Nazis (at least in the movies) made this approach famous.

Oh, and now with "pre-emption," it's enough of an excuse just to think someone MIGHT do something bad to me. You know, like maybe using non-existent Weapons of Mass Delusion. And if I've done something "bad" to them already, well heck, isn't it reasonable to think they might do something back—and before they do, I'd better strike first and pre-empt them? Again.

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Especially once everyone else starts operating the same way?

Nope, not to me either.

The Bush "Administration's" oft repeated statement, then, that "Israel has the right to self- defense" should be more honestly stated, "ONLY Israel (and the U.S. of course) have the right to self-defense—and they can do anything to anyone for any reason."

Think that'll fly with the rest of the world?

All those in favor of "collective punishment," bend over, drop your shorts, and say "Aye!"


[1] In case you were wondering, "The Fourth Branch" of government is, to my way of thinking, the Federal Reserve System of, essentially, private banks, initially scammed through congress in 1913 so these private banks could safely profit by issuing unbacked paper money (the body of the United States Constitution mandates in Article I, Section 10, Clause 1 that "No State shall ... make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;"). Consider the profit in printing a $100.00 bill, which even today costs only about five cents (so you've already made $99.95 profit), and then, say, loaning it out at interest . . . . If you have to hold $100.00 in gold to back that paper C-note, you don't make that $99.95 in the printing. return

[2] The Israelis wrote the book on propaganda, and U.S. media coverage is living proof they know what they're doing. The fact the U.S. is Israel's lap poodle in it's attacks on Lebanon's civilian population is supporting evidence. And it doesn't hurt the Israeli Government cause that Jewish interests finance many U.S. politicians—and that the ADL & B'nai B'rith label anyone who wants to reduce U.S. foreign aid to Israel—which gets more aid than any other country—as "anti Semitic." Of course, the Palestinians are "Semitic" too. Don't look for logic or consistency in propaganda, just repetition. As chief Nazi "Information Officer" Goebbels instructs, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. return

[3] For what it's worth, The New York Times calls Chomsky "the most important intellectual alive." return

[4] It's now a regularly planned part of any state organized bombing attack to take out the radio and TV, not as claimed, to keep the enemy military from communicating, but as an essential part of the propaganda war. You want only your version of the truth, not the "enemies'" out there. Thus the U.S. bombed al Jazeera stations in both Afghanistan and Iraq, Serb stations in the action in Kosovo during the Clinton Administration, etc. It's interesting that in the case of Lebanon, so far all efforts by the Israelis to take Hizbollah stations off the air have apparently failed. return [5]

In India, the word public is now a Hindi word. It means people. In Hindi, we have sarkar and public, the government and the people. Inherent in this use is the underlying assumption that the government is quite separate from "the people." Arundhati Roy, Public Power in the Age of Empire return


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