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L. Neil Smith's
Number 384, September 10, 2006

"In my book, I'm number one."

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E.J. Totty reports that his "Control-Freak News" for this week got eaten by his computer. They do that.

E.J. Totty and Jay P. Hailey engage in an extensive discussion of what freedom is all about in the letters-to-the-editor section. I hope I kept it all in the right order, I'm kind-of tired this week (see next paragraph).

An update on my adventures in home nursing: mom-in-law now has an oxygen machine. She's breathing much better now.

It's been a year already? The annual hosting service bill is coming due. It's just one thing after another. But, you know, it's always been like that. So if you can spare some cash, drop a little on TLE so we can stay "on the air"—this page will tell you about several ways:

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Letters to the Editor
from Terry Lyon-McCarthy, Bill of Rights Press, Lady Liberty, Rex May, E.J. Totty, Jay P. Hailey, and Dennis Wilson

How to Best Herd Cats
by Ron Beatty
My friend, Herman Tumbledweed (not his real name), has recently bought a piece of land here in rural Arkansas. He moved here from Northern California, tired of the rat race that exists there. He happily spends his days working on his land and writing his stories. He now has four cats and a dog, all without hassle from the local office of the pet police. He honestly can't believe how he put up with it that long, now that he has experienced a bit of a relatively free life.

Industrial Hemp and Hurricane Katrina
by Jonathan David Morris
The same day our nation commemorated the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I learned that the state of California had passed—and was now waiting for Governor Schwarzenegger to sign—a new measure legalizing industrial hemp crops. This is very encouraging news. It's just unfortunate no one realizes this is part of the Hurricane Katrina story. With all due respect for those who died or were stranded on their rooftops, if I was in charge of a cable news station, I would've made industrial hemp a main part of my anniversary coverage.

The Virgin Strikes Back
by E.J. Totty
I have been commanded by the powers of the Virgin, to respond to your wisecrack remarks on how it is she appears in the most unlikely places: Listen here, you little dickweed, your impertinence shall be addressed in short order!

Why I don't give a Shiite* about "The Great Islamic Threat" debate.
by Dennis Lee Wilson
*Being an afficionado of puns, I would like to publicly thank Ben Irvin, monitor of the Yahoo group "freewyomingproject" for the idea of replacing the word "sh*t" (asterisk included) that appeared in my original title, with the much better, much more punny "Shiite". Curiously, Ben made that substitution during his response to selected sections of my posting, AFTER HE REMOVED my original post from that Yahoo discussion group and AFTER he blocked further posts from me. I suppose responding to selected sections made it easier for him to conveniently ignore things to which he could not respond (i.e. create a straw man), and blocking further posts from me prevented any embarrassing questions from me about what he did it.

Get Off the Road!
by Lady Liberty
I've been having a hard time this week deciding what I should write about. I usually write about whatever I've personally found most enraging, disturbing, or hurtful over the course of the last week. But this week, I haven't been able to settle on anything.
FULL STORY 60 seconds?
by Jack Duggan
Dear Mr. Kupelian;, In your September 6, 2006 piece, "Help Restore Truth, Justice and the American Way In 60 Seconds", you wrote: "If we had a truly dedicated, truth-oriented news media, America would quickly become a radically better and more unified nation...That kind of news organization—and I don't mean to brag—is exactly how many Americans have come to regard . . . ."

Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista by Matthew Bracken
by Lady Liberty
Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista is the sequel to Bracken's well received Enemies Foreign and Domestic (though The Reconquista can stand alone, Bracken suggests and I agree that the first book offers an important foundation to the events in the second). The first book was good enough that I was anxious for the sequel; after waiting two years, I'm delighted to say that The Reconquista was worth the wait.

Dr. Laura Debates Feminists on Men and Violence
by Wendy McElroy
In a recent radio broadcast and newspaper column, Dr. Laura Schlessinger addressed the 'Take Back the Night' movement that protests violence against women. She accused it of deliberately ignoring data that suggests men may be more vulnerable to violence than women.

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