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Simon Jester
Simon Jester


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Number 385, September 17, 2006

"Libertarians are happy to have a dialog, even if people don't agree."

George Bush Hubris
George Bush Hubris
Vote Libertarian
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Since this is a Reader-Supported Publication, I do hope all you readers are doing well. Me, I've had my mouse die on me and I've been using a "backup" mouse that is very nice except for one little problem it has: it double-clicks. . . even when I just want it to single-click. Drives me right out of my mind. So I dug up a couple more mice from the old/spare box, but each and every one of them also has a problem, from jerky-movements to moves-left-and-right-but-not-up. So that grinding sound you've been hearing is just me and my teeth. They'll be reduced to powder soon. I don't even like mice, I'm a track-ball fan, myself. Of course, the old Logitek track-ball died a while back. It's just one thing after another.

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Ken Holder


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Letters to the Editor
from E.J. Totty, Dick Wetherbee, Curt Howland, Vern Trumbly, aka Herman Tumbleweed, Rick Fisk, Dennis Lee Wilson, Ben F. Irvin, Rick Vaughan, and The Free State Project

I'm a libertarian!
by Ron Beatty
You know, I've often described myself as either the most liberal conservative on earth, or the most conservative liberal. I firmly believe that it is every woman's right to choose what to do with her own body, whether I personally like the choice she may make, or not. This includes abortion, prostitution, exotic dancer, stripper or what ever other career choice or lifestyle decision she may make. Her body, her business, none of mine. I firmly believe that every person has the right to choose whatever life partners they wish, of whatever gender or number. Conventional marriage? Two men? Two women? A mixed group of more than two? So what? Again, not my life, not my decision, not my business.

Control-Freak News
for the week of 006-09-04 & 11

by E.J. Totty
Boy! Got some real doozies for ya this time around! I've added a new heading: Public School Child (future citizen) Control.

Cruel Precedent
by Lady Liberty
For the last week or so, I've been obsessed with a couple of books. It's not that I'm not usually obsessed with reading because I am, but rather that these books have particularly occupied my mind and affected my emotions even despite the fact they're not at all my typical favored reading material. The truth is that it's a little odd that I'd ever buy such books as these in the first place. But here's how that happened:

Nine-Eleven Five
by Jonathan David Morris
I've never been comfortable calling 9/11 "9-11." I'm not sure why this is. I'm not usually big on slash marks. Yet something about the hyphenated version of 9/11 has always bothered me. The only time I ever hyphenate the "9" and "11" in 9/11 is when I'm saving a file on my computer. Windows won't let you use slashes when you're naming your files. So if I want to save a file called "9/11.doc," I have to save it as "9-11.doc" instead.

The False Debate on Working Women
by Wendy McElroy
Does a working wife damage a husband's health and happiness through her proclivity for adultery that may lead to divorce? Forbes.com editor Michael Noer answered 'yes' in an Aug. 22 article entitled "Don't Marry Career Women."

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