Death of a Generation

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L. Neil Smith's
Number 386, September 24, 2006

"Government is about stealing."

L. Neil Smith with BIG sword
This is a sword the Atlanta Cutlery catalog calls "Evil's Bane". It's big and heavy but balances exceptionally well. There is a lot of edge to keep an eye on, and I'm not confident enough yet to have sharpened it. Too easy to make a mistake with. A little more Tai Chi and I will turn it into a real weapon.
—L. Neil Smith


Sorry for being off-line for most of the week. We have a very good deal from our web hosting service, but then again sometimes they're a bit. . . amateurish in operations like billing and so on. No doubt as time goes by they'll learn and improve. Probably.

This issue is just one article, but it is such a good one and such an important one, I decided to make it. . . well, it! Please DIGG it, as well as print if off and sent it to your local newspaper, gossip rag, Penny Saver, post it on all of your discussion forums and mailing lists, staple it to telephone poles, and so on. Get the word out.

Back to our regular smorgasbord of ideas and opinions next issue. If you miss the ~8 to 10 articles we usually have, read the Smith 8 or 10 times. It's that good!

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Death of a Generation
by L. Neil Smith
My mother died night before last.
It was not unexpected. The small nursing home only three or four blocks from our house called us, and we went over to see my mother one last time and to begin all of the formalities associated with dying in America.
As I looked down at her dead face, the first thought that came to my mind, completely unbidden, was that here was the end of another life—exactly like my father's which ended in 1991—that had been callously used, drained, and distorted from its proper, natural shape by the one predator on the food chain higher than human beings: the state.

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