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Number 387, October 1, 2006

The Country We All Grew Up In Is Dead!


Control-Freak News
for the week of 006-09-25
by E.J. Totty

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Well, here we go again!

More news that's bound to send one into a fit of rage, or cause one to reflect upon the thought that it is—after all—supposedly 'intelligent humans' who are responsible for the idiocy described hereinafter. . .


This is London (UK): How Jamie and School Meal Fascists Turn Kids Into Junk Food Addicts

But the Government overlooked one crucial point when it instituted these changes - and that is that changing the law doesn't change children's minds. Any teacher will tell you that children don't learn much when they're being taught by fascists.

  Herald Tribune (US): Panel seeks more federal control over schools

WASHINGTON, D.C.—No Child Left Behind has given the federal government an unprecedented say in what's happening in the nation's classrooms.
Now, some of the country's most prominent policy-makers want even more federal influence when the program comes up for renewal next year.

  Of course! When you get to control what children's minds feed upon, they become ever more compliant, obedient, and docile: Perfect citizens of the police state!

  Eureka Alert! (US): Montessori education provides better outcomes ...

A study comparing outcomes of children at a public inner-city Montessori school with children who attended traditional schools indicates that Montessori education leads to children with better social and academic skills.


  Drop the regimentation, get rid of the idiot curricula, and let the kids find their own center.


  Seattle Times (US): Security maven Schneier wants to teach you something

Schneier has repeatedly said "we are one attack away from a police state," and says such a civil-liberties crackdown would be even more likely under a Democratic administration.

  Gold Seek (US): The Master Plan for the World and its effect on Resource Stocks

So, what are the prime objectives of the elites within The Axis? One objective is to achieve complete control over their own populations, in a manner that enables them to concentrate as much power and wealth into their own hands as possible. Another objective is the creation of a world government, so that they can exercise control not just over a group of countries, but the whole world.

  Telegraph (UK): The end of privacy as we know it

How about the erosion of privacy and the transformation of Britain into the most snooped-on country in the world this side of Pyongyang? We have more CCTV cameras than the rest of Europe put together. We have thousands of speed cameras linked to numberplate recognition databases. We await with trepidation the arrival of the national identity database from 2008, entry on to which will make it an offence, for the first time, not to inform the "authorities" when we move home.—27B Stroke 6 (US): Flyer Detained For Graffiti-ing Own Bag Speaks

Hawley heads up the Transportation Security Administration, and for insulting him, Bird says he ended up being detained for 15 minutes by Milwaukee sherriff's department and told by a TSA official that he had no First Amendment rights in the screening area.

  Daily Mail (UK): Big Brother is shouting at you

Big Brother is not only watching you—now he's barking orders too. Britain's first 'talking' CCTV cameras have arrived, publicly berating bad behaviour and shaming offenders into acting more responsibly.
The system allows control room operators who spot any anti-social acts—from dropping litter to late-night brawls—to send out a verbal warning: 'We are watching you.'

  Scotsman (UK): Tests to reveal ASBO babies

Key quote "If the mother is unresponsive to the infant or her behaviour is repeatedly frightening to the infant, then there is a risk that the brain networks that help the child to deal with stress become unbalanced and that has been shown to lead to both mental health and other types of health problems in later life"—Dr Bjarne Holmes, the psychologist who is leading the research
Story in full A TEN-minute test which identifies babies at risk of developing antisocial behaviour has been created by Scottish scientists.

Yeah. A 'ten minute test' with results guaranteed to last a lifetime ...

The KSBW Channel (US): Text From 'The Radical Right and the Murder of JFK': Part 1

"We sure blew the son-of-a-bitch away, didn't we?!"*

And, an absolutely MUST SEE video:

  SONIC.NET (US): Mind Control
Mind control experiments have been part of California for decades and permeate mental institutions and prisons. But, it is not just in the penal society that mind control measures have been used. Minority children were subjected to experimentation at abandoned Nike Missile Sites, veterans who fought for American freedom were also subjected to the programs.

  Online Journal (US): Refuting the lie, a response to Popular Mechanics

It's important to note from the start that this book is not meant to debunk anything. Its' main purpose is to craft a mindset where anyone who questions the official 9/11 story likely spends their weekends at Roswell. This is a psychological attack on those who dare question their government's account of a most tragic day in our history; it's a return fire in an ongoing information war. The purpose is not to answer pressing questions. Instead, the writers choose the path of assassinating the character of anyone who dares ask such questions. Additionally, the book plants a seed in the mind of the reader that all 9/11 Truth seekers agree on every "myth" discussed. To reinforce this, the editors focus on major strawman arguments that I will discuss briefly.

  OH MY NEWS (KR): Jan Wong in Wonderland

The media is often guilty of propagating the "thought control" techniques so readily employed by multiculturalists and bureaucrats. As in Wong's case, questioning a majority-held dogma will trigger a witch-hunt that uses the incriminating factor as a syllogism; that is, uses a flawed assumption to advance a falsely premised idea as gospel or undeniable truth.

The Australian (AU): The last refuge of the outrageous

SO tired is political correctness, both the phrase and the concept, that it's now politically correct to despair of political correctness. But however shop-worn, this nuisance isn't going away. Especially in an era of super-sensitivity about relations between Christians and Muslims, it's getting worse.


 CNS News (US): 'Gun-Free School Zones' Blamed for Tragedy

(—The violence at Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colo., demonstrates the fallacy and false sense of security created by "gun free school zone" laws, a Second Amendment group says.

  Indianapolis Star (US): Gun-control rhetoric

I was surprised to read such an anti-gun editorial in the Sept. 23 Star. I see nothing wrong with the repeal of laws prohibiting licensed permit holders to carry weapons onto state park territory. The rhetoric in the piece could have been taken directly from Handgun Control's literature.

  Reuters (US): Pennsylvania becomes center of gun-control debate

What happens in Pennsylvania or any other state doesn't stay in Pennsylvania or any other state," New York's Michael Bloomberg told a news conference. "We can't fight illegal guns from behind state lines." He said 85 percent of the guns used by criminals in New York originated outside the city.

  Yeah! That's the ticket: Outlaw firearms from your own state, and watch crime go through the roof, while the states with no such laws, have very much lower crimes rates. But then expect them to adopt your laws ... Hideious!

ChronWatch (US): Gun Control: Does the UN Protect Women's Rights?

"Given that they are almost never the buyers, owners or users of small arms, (women) suffer disproportionately from armed violence," said Denise Searle of Amnesty International, one of the groups releasing the report.
"Where guns are available, more women are likely to be killed."

  Yeah, right.

 The New York Times (US): Bloomberg Is Guest Gun-Control Lobbyist

Mr. Bloomberg said that he was fulfilling a promise to take his campaign against gun violence beyond New York City and into the halls of state legislatures and Congress.

  His honor shoots off his mouth. And every time he does, someone dies ...

  The Philadelphia Enquirer (US): Mostly, a miss on gun control

The Pa. House turned aside most proposals. One lawmaker called the urban initiatives "liberal gun-grabbing legislation."

  RED STATE (US): But, of course, it's gun control that's the answer!

I was planning on writing something about the good people of Philadelphia, and their well-intentioned but completely misguided attempts to place the blame for the epidemic of shootings and murders in the City of Brotherly Love on guns rather than on people, but the words just weren't flowing well.

  BYU News Net (US): Strict Gun Control at BYU

BYU students may live in a state where guns can be carried almost anywhere, but that isn't the case on campus, where carrying a gun is prohibited.
Many students come to BYU and bring their firearms with them. Each student has a different reason: hunting, sport, protection, etc.

  The Evening Bulletin (US): Mayor To Lead Crowd To Harrisburg For Gun Control Rally

Philadelphia—Mayor John Street announced Friday he would lead thousands of Philadelphians to Harrisburg tomorrow to rally for gun control in Harrisburg tomorrow.


  Men's News Daily (US): There Is No Such Thing As An Illegal Gun, Part III

In Part II, I wrote about how powerful officials can abuse citizens my making an example of them unjustly, emphasis on unjustly on the analogy of a cat producing a mouse from elsewhere just to prove she's performing. I called the idea being a dead mouse. You don't become a dead mouse at the hands of criminals—you become a dead mouse at the hands of predatory agencies making an example of you in reaching the rest, including the non-gun owner Americans.

  Scotsman (UK): Children's toy guns spark rise in armed police operations

A spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland said: "There have been times when armed response units have rushed out only to find a kid with a BB gun.

This is what happens when mass media hype coupled with elected/appointed official hysteria drive the national psyche: Everything begins to look like a real gun.


  M&C News(UK): Stabbing of London schoolboy shows 'knife culture'

London—The killing of a black teenager outside a school in London have fuelled fears of a growing knife culture in Britain and prompted demands for heightened security at schools.

  Take note of the hype: When you want demonize an object, you first create a level of fear associated with it. That is followed up by associating possession of the object with a desire to commit crime while in possession of it. Repeat the two steps endlessly, with mass media saturation of every event—even those most peripherally related.


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