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L. Neil Smith's
Number 390, October 22, 2006

"Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, baked beans and Spam"

Lord of All Things
Lord of All Things
by M. Unknown


First, a bunch of big THANK YOU!s go out to several people who dropped some cash on us during the annual "October Crunch" when we usually just up and run out of money long before we run out of bills. And a special THANK YOU goes to Mr. Anony Mous, who dropped $300 into that empty coffee can we call the bank, and then a bit later dropped another $300 just in case the first wasn't enough! Wow! And it was just in time, too. You know who you are. You all know who you are, and THANK YOU once again!

Now, about SPAM. Turns out it wasn't that and were reported to, it was that both are (were) hosted on "shared servers" with a "shared IP Address"—and ONE of the other people sharing were the ones sending SPAM. Mark Odell outlines all of this in somewhat incomprehensible detail in a letter in this issue—I'm not a system administrator or a network administrator and I mostly don't know what he's talking about, but that does seem to be what happened.

Turns out it was an outfit called that was SPAMming (don't bother going looking, they have been suspended, kicked off, and banned from the hosting service. In fact they were suspended, kicked-off, and banned almost right away. However, instead of listing the domain name, the fookin' idiots at blacklisted the shared IP Address. In other words, punish everybody in the classroom for the wrong-doings of one student. . . just like elementary school. Or was it Junior High? I forget, but I remember my outrage back then, for the same reason I was and am outraged by this. I think the collectivist/nazi/fascist/commie jackasses who run should be horsewhipped, but that's just me.

And, while trying to get the other idiots to fix things, you know, the ones who run my hosting service, I seem to have caused them to somehow trash and—and whenever I ask them what's going on (such as paying twice and still being listed as expired). . . well, they say a "Senior Admin" is looking into it.

So, you won't be seeing this issue on the web for a while, until I wrest the domain names from, or or whoever it is that now is my hosting service. I'm not completely sure anymore. And when I asked for an explanation, well, that Old. . . I mean Senior Admin is still looking into it. Or at it. Or for it.

In fact, we may be appearing as ncc-1776.flapdoodle or something when you see us again. At least thanks to Mr. Anony Mous, we've got enough cash on hand to get a better class of web hosting service. I hope.

And when I just tried (Monday the 23rd) to send email Thank You!s to donors, I find Spamhaus is still blacklisting our shared IP Address, even though the offenders have been kicked off our shared servers! It's sort of like skinny-dipping in toxic waste dumps these days. Anyway, should any of our readers wish to help try and keep us going, you can make donations on this page right here:

And don't forget to use our Affiliate Links to buy you and yours the things you buy online anyway. That's another way to put some spare change in our pocket. You'll find those links all over this thing.

Ken Holder

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Tom Paine Maru
by L. Neil Smith
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The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel
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Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by Press, 2004

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Letters to the Editor
from The Free State Project, Mark Odell, Mark Quon, E.J. Totty, Robert Sheets, Tom Hanlin, and Sean Gabb:

Repulsive Choices 2006!
by L. Neil Smith
There are less than two weeks left before the 2006 "midterm" elections. Neither of the wings of the monolithic institution we call the "Boot On Your Neck Party" appears capable of offering the voters anything, for any office, anywhere, except mutants, monsters, and madmen. And madwomen, of course.

The Anti-Saints Fan
by Jonathan David Morris
The New Orleans Saints have started their season 5-1. Supposedly this is the NFL's feel-good story of the year. Well, guess what? I don't feel good for them. I don't feel good about their record. I think it's abnormal. And I hope they start to lose.

Undermining Democracy
by Alex McConnell
Last Friday the 13th, President Bush signed into law the SAFE Port bill, which includes a rider banning online gambling. Mind you, this bill doesn't actually make online gambling illegal per se, but it makes transferring funds to online gambling websites illegal, which amounts to the same thing. Despite a near unanimous bipartisan vote, many are going to try to paint the Republicans as being somehow more responsible for this than the Democrats (much like with the Patriot Act).

It's Not My Fault!
by Lady Liberty
If you have access to television, newspapers, the Internet, or office chit-chat, chances are good you've heard of the scandal surrounding former Congressional Representative Mark Foley (R-FL). In fact, the story has been so pervasive that you've likely not been able to avoid it whether you had ready access to any of these things or not.

When Dumber is Better
by Scott Kauzlarich
Well, here we go again. Another round of elections is upon us and that means the obligatory batch of idiotic campaign commercials. Attack ads are okay, I enjoy the mud-slinging. Unfortunately, we are still subjected to far too many of the positive (and even less truthful) ads. I especially hate the "I have a passion for education" spots. It seems politicians never tire of telling us how important our children are to them.

In Duke Rape Case, Justice Relies on Jurors
by Wendy McElroy
On Sunday on CBS's "60 Minutes," the key witness against the three Duke University students accused of rape flatly contradicted the story their accuser gave to police. Prosecuting District Attorney Mike Nifong now has exculpatory DNA tests, a solid alibi for one defendant, a string of contradictions from the accuser, an irredeemably tainted police identification and a witness who benefits the defense. Nevertheless, charges are unlikely to be dropped in the immediate future—at least not until the election for D.A. is concluded. Politics, not justice, will be done.

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