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L. Neil Smith's
Number 391, October 29, 2006

This Empire of Lies

You can fool ENOUGH people
You can fool ENOUGH people
by Kent Van Cleave


First, apologies to those who have donated some of their hard-earned money to support TLE! I've tried to send you all a "Thank YOU!" email, but we're still being Spamhaused, even though my hosting service has told them the fookin' SPAMmers are gone. I'm working around the email problem finally, but the whole thing just has me disgusted. Especially by the apologists for the "collateral damage" why try to make it out to be somehow okay that the innocent are punished while the guilty are already gone. Ah well.

Yes, I hate SPAM too, but I use SpamAssasan to flag suspected SPAM, and then sort it out of my normal email, and take a quick look before deleting it. A much more civilized way to do things, but then I was brung up to be civilized. Don't see much of that these days, eh?

If any of you out there sent an article this last week and it's not here, try sending it again, maybe to this temporary address:

What a pain, I hate web-mail. Ah well.

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Ken Holder

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Letters to the Editor
from Joseph Knight and Bill Hartwell

Telling the Wrong Right Truth at the Right Wrong Time
by L. Neil Smith
Never believe for a minute that the violent schism between genuine libertarians versus the right wing socialists who call themselves conservatives is anything new. All of the warning signs were in place decades ago, if we'd only seen them, if we'd only understood what they meant.

Lauren Canario vs. Connecticut
by Kat Kanning
Lauren Canario, a member of the Free State Project, moved to New London, CT after the infamous Kelo vs. New London Supreme Court decision. This decision, which ruled that states could decide to seize private property and hand it over to private corporations, so enraged Lauren that she packed up and moved from Las Vegas to New London to help the residents there keep their homes. Now that the residents of Fort Trumble have sold their homes under extreme duress, she has vowed not to leave until the last home is razed.

We Don't Have All the Answers
by Darian Worden
Some people who hear about libertarianism don't seem to understand that we cannot centrally plan liberty. There can be no Federal Privatization Committee that decides which products of voluntary cooperation will fill whatever gaps are left by the dismantling of the state.

On the Other Hand
by Lady Liberty
Political pundits say that Republicans are worried about the upcoming elections. Political pollsters say that they ought to be.
The majority of Americans are, it seems, not particularly happy with George W. Bush or the way the War in Iraq is being prosecuted. That means that virtually every Republican—particularly those who voted to get involved in Iraq in the the first place—are vulnerable on the issue. Most voters are also less than thrilled about borders which are porous at best, and though it's Republicans in the main who want to address the problem, it's also a Republican president who has prevented real solutions from being implemented.

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