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Truth, Justice, and the Arab-American Way

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Simon Jester
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Simon Jester
Simon Jester


Big Head Press

L. Neil Smith's
Number 394, November 19, 2006

"The continued existence of this culture
is incompatible with the continued
existence of the Republicans and Democrats."

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Quite a number of individuals have written us to ask why the "Democrats in Power" counter that first appeared in The Libertarian Enterprise last week—and will appear in issues to come until the Democrats go away or the sun burns out, whichever comes first—started with the day after the election, rather than waiting until January when the left wing socialists first take their seats in Congress.

As a student of anthropology, as well as a lifelong observer of history and human nature, I know that power is, first and foremost, a social phenomenon—only secondarily a political one—and that the Democrats are, in very nearly every way that counts, already in charge.

Look, for example, at the highly publicized meeting between George W. Bush and the newly-designated Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Six weeks ago, the second worst President America has ever suffered under still thought he was the King of the World. However the day after the election, his every waking minute became preoccupied with avoiding impeachment and being prosecuted for crimes against humanity. If he were a dog instead of the Chimpanzee-in-Chief, he would have rolled over on his back, his legs in the air, his throat bared for Nan Francisco.

I'm seeing similar submissive behavior at every government level, and it's only going to get more pathetic and disgusting between now and January. Socially, the Democrats have already taken over. They could say that the day after they're officially installed, the troops will start coming home from Afghanistan, Iraq, and the hundred and one surprising places they've been sent to since the Second World War, and those troops would start packing their toys and making dates with girls.

The Democrats could state publicly that they're going to set up a special court in Nuremburg, Pennsylvania to put Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld on trial, and Dick and Don would head straight for New Guinea.

The continued existence of this culture is incompatible with the continued existence of the Republicans and Democrats. Something new has to happen. Democrats are in power and we'll be counting the days they fail to do anything the voters elected them to do. They will take office with a moral deficit; I want that deficit seen and recorded, so that when Americans get fed up with them, they'll be less content just to let themselves get slapped over to the Republican side of the court.

L. Neil Smith, Publisher
The Libertarian Enterprise

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And now, in actual conclusion, welcome to this Three-hundred-ninety-fourth issue of Reader Supported The Libertarian Enterprise.

Ken Holder

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by L. Neil Smith
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The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel
by L. Neil Smith
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by Press, 2004

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Letters to the Editor
from Jim Davidson, Ward Griffiths, Steve Reed, Zachery Keeton, and The Free State Project

Truth, Justice, and the Arab-American Way
by L. Neil Smith
When I was just a little boy of four or five, my mother patiently explained to me that some people need to feel better about themselves so desperately that, lacking any talent or accomplishment they can be proud of, they search until they discover somebody they can look down on.

Freedom From Religion
by Lady Liberty
A recent discussion on a message board to which I subscribe resulted in a very interesting question: Can a person be both genuinely religious and truly pro-freedom? In context, the question not only makes good sense but deserves to receive some thoughtful answers.

by Chris Claypoole
I've been reading The Noblest Triumph (TNT) by Tom Bethell. It's subtitled, Property and Prosperity Through the Ages, and is a successful (IMO) attempt to show the importance of private property rights to creating and maintaining a prosperous society. One historical quirk he noted in Chapter One intrigued me.

The Statist Interpretation of the Bill of Rights
by Darian Worden
PROCLAMATION: from the desk of DER SCHULENFUHRER: As the New American Century marches forth, it is essential that our children understand the principles that New America was founded on. Therefore, all eighth-graders shall be required to take a national standardized test based upon the following historical information.

Conventional Wisdom Midterm Election Mailbag
by Jonathan David Morris
Dear Conventional Wisdom, So the GOP lost both houses of Congress. What do you make of this? Was the midterm election a rebuke of George Bush's disastrous Iraq War policies?

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