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Number 400, January 7, 2007

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Libertarian Solutions Network Founded
by Mike Rster

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

The Libertarian Solutions (LS) Network is proud to announce its first round of prizes. We are offering a one-ounce coin of pure silver for the ten best ideas submitted. We are searching for actions that would serve as stepping-stones to a libertarian society in the United States of America!

Time limit: 1/30/07

Please email all ideas to

Details below.

* * *

Dear friends of liberty:

We all wish a transition to a more libertarian society. We all realize that great things would need to happen in order for one to come about. How can one motivate people to do great things? How about extraordinary things? The solution is great prizes!

Incredible things have been accomplished because of prizes. Charles Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic was motivated by publicity and by a prize! One of the most recent examples was the Ansari X-prize! When that privately owned rocket went up, it was a fantastic day for all who believe in the power of individual enterprise!

Our first step is to create achievable goals (5-10 years) that would take us all closer to a libertarian world. The next step will be to find capital to support these prizes.

The mission of the LSNetwork is to help create a society with a greater respect for individual freedoms and individual rights through action. Our methods of persuasion will not be words but deeds. This organization will become facilitators of consequences.

Therefore we will provide prizes and cash incentives to those proponents and activists that are able to create new perceptions and insights on a mass scale or create a fundamental power shift.

We invite the Libertarian community to create new means of improving our world. We are searching for fresh ideas and technological solutions to rights violations.

Fresh ideas?

How about the porcupine approach? Can you imagine intelligent citizens that have become utterly cynical about the role of government in their lives and resist government infringements every step of the way? Where through basic contrariness to government intrusion, people become too expensive to govern as they resist every step of the way.

This is just one idea that could make a difference.

Another idea? To encourage the press to act more vigorously as the "fourth estate"—to watch over the government as an independent organization. We would offer journalists large cash prizes from outside the country for the best exposes of government abuse.

We are looking for the best two suggestions in each of the following categories:

$1000 Prize Category

$5000 Prize Category

$10000 Prize Category

$20000 Prize Category

$50000 Prize Category

$100000 Prize Category

Please submit a goal and short essay providing reasoning as to why this action would be a positive step.

Thank you for your kind interest!

Mike Rster
Libertarian Solutions Network
2330 Highland Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35205
1-205-401-7331—voice mail
1-205-322-1848—fax (Attention: Mike)

PS Please join our email list by sending an email to


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