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Number 402, January 21, 2007

"Justice is simply not the State's top priority and it never will be."


War Declared by Congress on the People
Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

I'm frightened and I believe that I'm frightened with good reason. Congress nearly passed a grassroots speech-control act, saying effectively that anyone who communicates in bulk with over 500 people can be fined and jailed. Section 220 was voted down, however, this would have been a declaration of war by the Congress upon the people of the United States.

What do I mean?

War, as in def.— to fight or contend, conflict, by force of arms if necessary.

Stop, stop, stop!

I know what you're thinking. . . how can you say that, what are you a crackpot?

No, I'm not a crackpot.

Some of you must wonder what kind of person could make such a statement, let me enlighten you.

I am forty years old, the son of a career Air Force Police Sergeant; I have lived from the East coast (where I was born) to the South Pacific. I saw the Vietnam War as close and personal as any family member could, I lived on Guam from 1972 to 1976—the base from which our B-52 bombers flew to North Vietnam, I was entertained by Bob Hope on his USO tour. I was a Boy Scout (First Class) and a DeMolay Member (Jr. Masons) and played football, baseball, ran in track, skied during the winter, and always maintained a 3.0 grade average or better. I attended college and was disillusioned, went wild and got heavy into the counter-culture (did lots of drugs and grew lots of hair) but by 24 I was ready to settle down and have been working well ever since. I own my own home, have my own business, and have found a wonderful woman who'll love and put-up with a man like me. (Thanks Laurie. . . I love you) I was given a normal upbringing and have enjoyed a rather normal life.

Like many of us here at The Libertarian Enterprise I am a student of history and a Sci-Fi fan, well-read and learning everyday.

We American Subjects need to be aware what goes on in the hallowed halls of the Boot-on-your-Neck Congress.

Congress to Send Critics to Jail, Says Richard Viguerie read here for the entire story.

If passed, this would have been considered the last line crossed, thought police?

Do you want people telling you how you are allowed to speak?

The Second Amendment is a ghost; we can bear arms, as long as we satisfy the government's infringements.

The Third Amendment is pointless, as we saw in New Orleans; the government will house troops where necessary, and we are at war.

The Fourth Amendment has been superceded by a law known as probable cause.

The Fifth Amendment has no bearing on modern criminal processes; property is seized everyday for even minor traffic offenses.

The Sixth Amendment is moot, people are jailed for weeks or even months without a speedy and public trial.

The Seventh Amendment has been so over litigated as to not exist.

The Eighth Amendment denying cruel or unusual punishment now reads as a guarantee to convicts to receive better treatment than students, retirees, or disabled people.

The Ninth Amendment is also a ghost of it's former self, there are no rights retained by the people, if there is a question, people are jailed until an answer is hammered out.

The Tenth Amendment was made academic by the American Civil War; there are no powers reserved to the respective states. . . or the people.

If the First Amendment is further prohibited we shall no longer be a democracy or republic but a collection of vassals under feudal Lords, taxed far worse than the subjects of yore. This line must not be crossed, the grassroots communication system of the Internet, is our last line of defense against tyranny and oppression. Our freedom to disagree is far more important than any other natural Right of man, it supercedes all other freedoms, which is why it is listed first in the Bill of Rights.

Like a thermometer measuring the temperature of a fevered patient, the Bill of Rights is measuring the loss of rights. If the First Amendment is taxed and legislated out of existence all that is left to the freedom-loving and responsible people is the application of force in defense of ourselves, lethal force!

We will be forced underground to communicate, like our Founding Fathers, the Jews in World War II, Capitalists living in communist Russia. The truth will be relegated to smoke-filled taverns and secret meeting-halls around the country. We will be herded into internment camps for re-education, buildings will again be burned by the Military under orders from the central government, it is 1787 all over again and the writing is on the wall. President George and the Congress have replaced King George and Parliament, all Tories take notice—we Rebels will not be ground under the heel of a despot nor be forced to hide like frightened rabbits in holes in the ground.

I will not be silenced! My voice will be heard!

I don't want to hurt people, please do not force me to defend myself like the poor souls at Lexington Green or Concorde Bridge.

When we stop talking, all that is left is violence.

This and all previous articles of mine may be freely copied and distributed, please be responsible and give credit to the author, thank you.

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