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Number 402, January 21, 2007

"Justice is simply not the State's top priority and it never will be."


Publisher's Note: The "Whether" Channel
by L. Neil Smith

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

It isn't often that I refer anyone to WorldNetDaily, but in this case, it's absolutely vital that you take a look at one article in particular—I got the link from the Drudge Report—and act on it as quickly and forcefully as possible.

The article is "Con Job at the Weather Channel" by Melanie Morgan; it's about the ideological takeover on that cable site by vicious environmentalistas, and the prostitution of the prestige that news source has earned over the years for factual, objective reporting, all in the cause of the Failed Left's last desperate hope, the myth of global warming.

Ms. Morgan reveals details about the change and those responsible for it. Even better, she understand the real issues behind the false front of global warming, and exactly who stands to win or lose by its promulgation.

Best of all, she gives us the e-mail address of the Weather Channel's vice president for public relations, one Kathy Lane——and urges her readers to write to Ms. Lane, expressing their view of the retreat in Weather Channel policy away from the scientific and toward a kind of social and economic control we've seen all to well before—Cambodia comes to mind—that could easily spell extinction for the human race.

Actually, I said that, not Ms. Morgan.

And I'll add this: when you write, make damned sure that Ms. Lane understands that you are not the kind of crackpot conservative that usually reads WorldNetDaily, but a libertarian, concerned with freedom, the scientific truth, and the continued survival of our species.

I'll be writing, too.

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