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Poor Katie

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Simon Jester
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Simon Jester
Simon Jester


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Big Head Press

Number 402, January 21, 2007

"Justice is simply not the State's top priority and it never will be."

Democratic George
Democratic George


More snow! This Globular Cooling Effect is getting to be a pain in the rear! What happened to that Globular Warming they promised us? Buncha lying bassards!

In other news, we're having corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight. I've always wondered what "corned" means, but some things you don't really want to find out. I think that's one of them.

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And on that note, welcome to the 402nd issue of TLE.

Ken Holder

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Letters to the Editor
Don Wilson, L. Neil Smith, and Sean Clifton

Poor Katie
by L. Neil Smith
The Drudge Report headline this morning read: "S.O.S. COURIC: CBS 'EVENING NEWS' CONTINUES FADE IN BIG CITIES. . ." and went on to say that the first evening network news to be anchored by a woman was continuing to lose a ratings battle against ABC by two to one in New York City, two to one in Los Angeles, and nearly three to one in Chicago.

War Declared by Congress on the People
by Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.
I'm frightened and I believe that I'm frightened with good reason. Congress nearly passed a grassroots speech-control act, saying effectively that anyone who communicates in bulk with over 500 people can be fined and jailed. Section 220 was voted down, however, this would have been a declaration of war by the Congress upon the people of the United States.

Why She Cried Rape At Duke
by Scott Kauzlarich
Mike Nifong has dropped the rape charges against the Duke lacrosse players and excused himself from the case. 60 Minutes shoveled more dirt on the prosecution's case this week by turning its cameras on Nifong's attempt to conceal DNA evidence. With Nifong exposed and humiliated in front of a national audience, it would be easy to say that the case is now all but over.

Things Could Get Ugly
by Lady Liberty
So, tell me: Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? My guess is that some of you did, and some of you didn't. I'm willing to bet that every last one of you, though, got something that you can't, under any circumstances whatsoever, imagine anybody wanting at all. Me? Among other more welcome gifts, I got some costume jewelry that was...well, "hideous" might not be too strong a word. (Don't worry, I'm not so ungrateful as to say such a thing about any gift I got from somebody who actually owns a computer and who might conceivably see this particular column. And those of you who do see it will kindly not say anything, right?)

This Is Not America
(What the Hollis Wayne Fincher Case Means to You)

by Doug Newman
Does the Bill of Rights still serve as a guarantee of God-given rights against arbitrary abuses of government power? Or is it just a 215-year-old piece of paper that can be disregarded at the whim the authorities?

Why I Support Ed Brown
by Kat Kanning
Ed and Elaine Brown were convicted Thursday on various tax evasion charges. Why would someone committed to the nonviolent approach support Ed Brown, who says he will shoot federales who come to arrest him? A man willing to stand up for what is right is a rare and beautiful thing these days. I don't want that man to stand alone. So, I've been out there in the frigid cold to say to the government, "Don't come kill this man and steal his property! Just leave the Browns alone." While I don't agree with shooting people, it's understandable that Ed Brown wants to defend himself, his family and his property. It is without a doubt the government who is the aggressor here, not Ed Brown.

Man in Gray: A Tribute to the Life of Robert E. Lee
by Robert F. Hawes Jr.
The British historian Lord Acton once said, "Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority." As a student of history myself, I am compelled to agree with that observation. Unfortunately, the majority of names that occur to me when I think of history's most notable figures are, to some degree or another, associated with tyranny and oppression.

Rabbit People Among Us
by L. Neil Smith
As a somewhat opinionated individual, I get a lot of e-mail (and phone calls and snail mail) from readers trying to take me to task for one reason or another, usually for identifying the inevitable consequences they don't want to hear about, of ideas and actions they themselves advocate.

Publisher's Note: The "Whether" Channel
by L. Neil Smith
It isn't often that I refer anyone to WorldNetDaily, but in this case, it's absolutely vital that you take a look at one article in particular—I got the link from the Drudge Report—and act on it as quickly and forcefully as possible.

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