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Number 404, February 4, 2007

"Bush and his creepy friends."

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Letter from Jay P. Hailey

Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letter from Tom Berna

Letter from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Letter from A Reader

Re: "Rabbit People Among Us", by L. Neil Smith

Neil wrote:

> Rabbit, thanks. You've given me my next column for
> The Libertarian Enterprise.

L. Neil Smith didn't even mention that the Anecdotal woman and her Anecdotal friends and co-workers who may well have been packing and returned fire on the anecdotal whack-job, assuming a truly free country.

Which was the point I was sort of looking for. Oh well.

Jay P. Hailey

[Neil says: "You are right of course"—Editor]

Let's Mention This Next Issue

L. Neil Smith

[Consider it mentioned!—Editor]

Hi there!

I'm a reader of The Libertarien Enterprise and I'm wondering if the bigger brains here on this site could help me out with intellectual ammo. This is the situation that is confounding me. . .

I realize that this happened a while ago, but the problem nags me; I could argue against unlawful imprisonment all day; but how do I argue with a statist out of doing something like this, when a State seemed to be the only thing to get this woman to take her meds? Any help appreciated.

Tom Berna

[Readers, what say you? Tom, consider joining the TLE discussion list where things like this are discussed all the time. Subscribe by sending a blank email to: — Editor]

Alert From Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

January 29, 2007

JPFO Alert: Stop What You're Doing (and read this!)

The next target of terrorists may not be what you think.

Bridges, dams, large urban centers—these are the places that we traditionally think terrorists will strike. But according to two instructors at a recent anti-terrorism conference, preparations are already underway for horrific attacks on American schools.

A reprint of this 3-part article by Chuck Remsberg of PoliceOne.Com can be found at
[JPFO article removed due to copyright problems]
Original article link: (registration required)

The article covers known terrorist threats to our public schools as well as how they could happen. It also makes some educated guesses on what effects a major attack on one of our schools might have.

—The Liberty Crew

JPFO mirror site:

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    Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
    PO Box 270143
    Hartford, Wisconsin 53027

    Phone: 1-262-673-9745
    Order line: 1-800-869-1884 (toll-free!)
    Fax: 1-262-673-9746

A Reader asks:

I am looking for any scholarly libertarian ("initiation of force") arguments to the following:

"The externalities of depictions of violence and pornography are clear. To complaints about those products being on the market, libertarians respond with something like 'Just hit the remote control and change channels on your TV set.' But, like the person who chooses not to run a smelter while others do, you, your family, and your neighbors will be affected by the people who do not change the channel, who do rent the pornographic videos, who do read As film critic Michael Medved put it: 'To say that if you don't like the popular culture, then turn it off, is like saying if you don't like the smog, stop breathing. . . There are Amish kids in Pennsylvania who know about Madonna.' And their parents can do nothing about it."

See also:

[Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?—Editor]

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