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Number 409, March 11, 2007

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Beware of False Gods
by Albert Perez

Credit The Libertarian Enterprise

Since the 16th Century wars of religion, many, if not most, supporters of liberty, have been free thinkers, a polite term for atheists and agnostics. This is the consequence of several causes, not the least of which, and most pertinent to this letter, is clerical corruption.

To be specific, the speed with which many bishops geeked for the local princes turned many of those who valued freedom against the Churches and this led to a loss of faith. If there is a God, they are getting what they deserve for this.

In ancient times the Kings claimed their rule was sanctioned by the gods, claiming descent from them. Some even claimed to be gods. Undoubtedly supporting these claims hurt the churches' support.

Politicians use hate to control the people, and too many priests cried amen to hate and bigotry instead of speaking up for love, tolerance and forbearance. For what it's worth, too many who spoke up died and had their protests censored into oblivion.

Now the State is becoming a god. Like an out of control AI program that has achieved its Turing potential, the functioning of the State has taken on a life of its own, and one which demands to be worshipped and served as a god. Many who would serve this God State are now hauling out the past and present failings of the clergy to encourage abandoning the JudeoChristian God in favor of their God State.

There are reasons to disbelieve and if there is a God honest scepticism probably serves him better than unthinking acceptance of his existence. However, don't get sucked in by the God State and its acolytes.


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