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Immigration and Integrity
(The Feature Article)

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Simon Jester
Simon Jester
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Simon Jester
Simon Jester


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Big Head Press

Number 413, April 15, 2007

"And so it goes. . . ."

At an IKEA in East Palo Alto, California
At an IKEA in East Palo Alto, California

TPM cover thumnail
Tom Paine Maru
by L. Neil Smith
Cover by Scott Bieser
First uncensored edition.
Originally published by Del Rey Books, 1984.
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April 15... April 15... there's something about that date...

Whatever. Anyway, welcome to issue 413! A big Thank You! to those who answered our call for donations. This Reader-Supported publication couldn't exist without support from you the reader. Just so you remember, here's that "how to donate" link again:

Say, what happened to that Globular Warming Al Gore promised? Before going to bed last night I checked the thermometer outside the kitchen windows and it read 24-degrees Fahrenheit. Dang, if that's warming, I'd hate to see Globular Cooling!

More about immigration this issue. If yer really wants to halt immigration, just turn the U.S. into a totalitarian stink-hole dictatorship. After all, nobody tried to sneak into East Germany to look for work. Of course, sometimes I think that's what those running the political process actually are trying to do, turn American into East Germany. Why they'd want to do that I can't imagine, unless they're trying to stop immigration? You decide.

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
from George Gori, Albert Perez, and Dennis Kabaczy

Immigration and Integrity
by L. Neil Smith
The late, great Roger Price (look him up—he invented "Mad Libs" and "Droodles") once observed that some individuals are like those who believe that the Earth is round, but who desperately want to gather up all of those who believe the Earth is flat—and shove them off the edge.

Recollections of Chicago—1968
by Jan K. Peterson
As a graduate student in architectural college in 1968, I had gotten my very first summer job working for a big architectural firm—in Chicago. Chicago is considered the birthplace of the high-rise building (and a principal of the firm I would work for had been an instructor in my studio classes the previous semester), so I was excited to have gotten a job there. I drove up from St. Louis on my Yamaha motorcycle with a small suitcase strapped to the back, and settled into a rental room at a fraternity house on the IT campus. It was my first visit to the Windy City since I had been a small child. The company I was to work for had just moved their offices to the second floor of a building on Michigan Avenue, the eastern edge of downtown that faces Lake Michigan. It had sixteen-foot-tall windows overlooking a lakefront park not far from the Art Museum.

The Sanjaya Principle: Why Ron Paul Can Be Our Next President
by Jonathan David Morris
The 2008 presidential election is now less than 19 months away. As far as I'm concerned, that means now is the time to start planning how to destroy it.

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