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Number 414, April 22, 2007

That Stupid Git


Why Did So Many Die?
by Jim Davidson

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

Last night was very difficult. Many people died at Virginia Tech due to a shooting rampage by a maladjusted student.

As you know, young people are under a great many pressures. These include pressures to perform academically, often with direct and immediate economic consequences involving their scholarships, pressures to handle the costs of higher education, pressures from family, from friends, from lovers, from professors. I gather that this young man who killed many and then himself had recently broken up with his girlfriend. I'm not saying that his actions were excusable, they are not. But, they are also clearly the actions of a deranged person, someone who broke under the many pressures that have, happily, not broken everyone.

Last night was difficult because Charlie Gibson and other talking heads on the mainstream news were asking, "Why did it go on so long?" The obvious answer: all the victims had been disarmed by politicians. There had even been a Virginia Assembly bill recently to return the right to keep and bear arms to professors and students, overturning other laws which had unjustly and unconstitutionally stripped that freedom away. The recent bill failed.

What did it take to end this deranged student's rampage? It took someone with a gun. In his case, as at Columbine High School some years back, it was his own gun in his own hands that ended his rampage.

If the students who were confronted with his maniacal behavior had guns, they would have been able to defend themselves.

People who advocate disarming victims, falsely calling it "gun control," are evil. They are scum who deserve to be treated as pariahs, ostracized from society, or killed.

Guns are useful tools. Like other useful tools, they can be used for good or for ill. Taking guns away from people is evil.

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