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Number 417, May 13, 2007

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G-boys Roust Liberty Merchant
by Bernard von NotHaus

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

WARNING: You may be visited by the government.
And they may not be there to help you.

When a Liberty Merchant mentioned to the Evansville office that two government agents had recently visited him, I wanted firsthand info and called the Merchant, Mark Lightfoot, regarding this unusual incident.

Sure enough, during a half hour interview, Mark gave me this bizarre report of two G-boys—with such non-professional conduct as described below, it is hard to call them Agents:

On Wednesday morning, April 25, shortly after opening, two men in cheap suits, starched white shirts, striped ties and bad shoes walked into Mark's business, Dandelion Beads, which he has operated for 20 years at 209 RosemontGardens in Lexington, Kentucky. They never identified themselves, but immediately struck up a conversation that quickly bordered on an interrogation of Mark.

Their first question was, "How long have you owned the business?" Then Mark was peppered with a barrage of questions: "How do you feel about the war? What about taxes? What are your political views? What is your attitude as to the current [Bush] administration?" They even asked for his Social Security number.

Mark answered their initial questions by quoting the Bible and mentioning the Liberty Dollar. Then the two G-boys wanted to know why he "thought the government money was a problem?" "Why does his business accept the Liberty Dollar?" Well, when Mark told them that government paper money was not wide enough for toilet paper, the G-boys told him that the Liberty Dollar was originally called the "Petition Dollar" and was started against the government by some "nutty guy from Hawaii."

So I asked Mark if he had any idea what they were talking about—or that the Liberty Dollar was once actually named the "Petition." Mark confessed he didn't understand, and that he did not know anybody from Hawaii. So I explained to Mark that I was the person from Hawaii who designed and developed the Liberty Dollar and asked him if he had ever been to our website. Nope, Mark had never even been online, never read our monthly newsletter, LIBERTY DOLLAR NEWS, never received an Alert, and didn't know anything about the U.S. Mint warning or our lawsuit against the US Government.

Talk about poor planning. It appears the two G-boys drove a late model gray sedan with Virginiagovernment plates for 11 hours to talk to one of the least informed, but most dedicated, people involved with the Liberty Dollar. Mark did not even know about the Copper Liberty! He knew nothing, except that he loved the Liberty Dollar and the ideals it represents; and he feels that it is exactly what our country needs.

Consistently, the two G-boys kept correcting Mark when he referred to the Liberty Dollar as "currency." "It is NOT a currency!" they said on many occasions. "You can't use it. You can't take it to a bank. It's not REAL money!" But Mark would not hear of any of this nonsense from these Keystone Cops in bad shoes who would never identify themselves (but with their government licensed car parked out front, there is no doubt that two of our government's finest rousted a Liberty Merchant and found he was steadfast in his convictions and loved REAL Money).

In a parting shot, as if from a grade B movie, the two G-boys asked one last time, "Why do you accept the Liberty Dollar when you can't take it to the bank?" Before Mark could answer, they shot back, "Do you feel like you are a 'good' American?!"

Of course, after hearing this report from Mark, there is no doubt he believes he's a good American. He feels great to have had the opportunity to tell these know-nothing G-boys just what he does feel... and that is: he is glad to be an American who is actually doing what he feels is right: Using the Liberty Dollar!

The G-boys never made a note. (They were probably wearing a bug.) So look out! The Keystone G-boys could show up at your place. And if they do visit you, demand identification, write down everybody's name and badge number and put it in your pocket. Ask them for a business card. And while it is always better to demand to have an attorney present, if you want to have some fun, go ahead and answer their questions, just be careful to always present the Liberty Dollar fair and square as: private voluntary barter currency and never as a "coin," "legal tender" or "current money."

Please report any such incidents ASAP to the Evansville office: 888.LIB.DOLLAR or 888.421.6181. It is vitally important to be kept informed as our lawsuit warms up.

PS: Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the Copper Liberty orders and the donations. In fact donations are way up and we just received our first $1000 donation! Both the number of Copper Libertys and size of donations says volumes of how you feel about the Liberty Dollar and your desire for it to win this all-important lawsuit. If you have not yet sent in at least a $10 donation, please give whatever you can. And remember you receive a special Victory Dollar for every $20 you donate.

PPS: With such questionable conduct on the part of the US Government, one is driven to wonder what they are "thinking." Well, we don't have to wait much longer as the 60 day period to reply or default ends in the next two weeks. So we should have a better idea of their case when we receive their reply, because the US Government is NOT going to default!

Stay tuned. . . more to follow.

Bernard von NotHaus describes himself as a "Monetary Architect". More information about the Liberty Dollar is at


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