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Letter from Curt Howland

Letter from Tom Curtis

Dear Editor,

Using the word "should" gives me pause. I don't like "should", it is a personal judgement about what is best for someone else to do. "Should" is the top of the slippery slope. So I beg the indulgence of the reader for my use of the word "should" below.

I note with pleasure that something I said a couple weeks ago in a Digg comment has also occurred to El Neil. The Libertarian party and candidates, national as well as by state, should, singly and together, ASAP, endorse Dr. Ron Paul. Loudly, continuously.

I suggest that anyone who knows a member of the Constitution party, or any other "3rd" party in this cluster-f**k of a political system which says they support the Constitution of the U.S., tell them to start howling at their party apparatus to do the same.

That kind of action might, just might, make some mainstream press.

A week should not go by that every newspaper in the country receives a letter to the editor saying exactly why the writer backs Dr. Paul.

I wonder how many of the candidates trying for LP endorsement would do this, what their reasons for their choice might be. Hmmm.

Goldwater was well before my time. The first presidential election that I could vote in was 1984, and it was at that point that I first heard of the Libertarian party. So I'm glad to say I've never voluntarily voted for a Republican or Democrat, or where given no other option at least never voted for the incumbent where I thought I should check a little box at all.

Any NRA members should take this opportunity to be telling their fellows about Dr. Paul as well. Put some pamphlets in the local gun store, is there a 8.5/11" tri-fold outlining his stated principle on the 2nd amendment as well as his 100% pro-gun voting record? Time to check Dr. Paul's campaign website. Or someone should make one up.

I should get a better printer so I could make some up myself.

I also haven't been the firing range in at least a year. Time I should do something about that, too.

Curt Howland

Re: An Open Letter to Republicans, by Babar Jumbo Skreeleel
Why did you publish this crap?

Tom Curtis

Because we thought it was funny. And it made a point.—Editor

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