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Number 418, May 20, 2007

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Truth Loses Again
by Dennis Kabaczy

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Last night I watched the GOP debate from South Carolina, specifically to see how Rep. Ron Paul would do, and how he would be treated. Most of the questions were softball, though there were some interesting moments. All in all, for most of the debate, Dr. Paul seemed to be treated no different from the remainder of the candidates. The one point during the debate that set Dr. Paul apart from the others was his statement on why the September eleventh attacks occurred. Though not using theses specific words, Dr. Paul stated it has been our interference in the Middle East and our bombing attacks during the past 10 years.

Mayor Giuliani (who would later contradict himself) objected to his line of reasoning. He stated he had never heard that line of reasoning before ". . .and I've heard some really absurd explanations for September eleventh." He then requested that Dr. Paul withdraw his statement. To his credit, Dr. Paul did not withdraw. Instead, he gave another example of "blowback", that being the taking of our embassy in Iran, (and the overthrow of the Shah, who was installed into power by the CIA).

Now the other candidates wanted to respond. Demands for time were shouted out by several of them. This had the look of a lively debate. At last, some truth was going to come out, and some real history of our government and world politics be discussed. Unfortunately, it was not to be. The moderators immediately shut down that subject, and went on to a pressing issue, the flying of the Confederate battle flag at the South Carolina state capitol.

Later in the debate, Rep. Tancredo stated that ". . .it's a tenet of their religion. . ." to try and kill us.

Rep. Paul was not given the opportunity to respond.

After the debate, Mayor Giuliani was interviewed by Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes, and stated that what Dr. Paul said, was the same thing told him by the Saudi Prince, who offered $10 million in aid to New York, that the attack was caused by US interference in the Middle East. Not consistent with his earlier statement that he had not heard that line of reasoning before. Of course he was not challenged on his inconsistency.

John McCain was also interviewed. Alan Colmes asked him if our policies have anything to do with ". . .why we are disdained overseas?" Sen. McCain's response was, "we should never believe we brought on this conflict." So essentially, Sen. McCain believes we can do what we want in the world, bomb people, invade their country, overthrow their government, and they should just roll over and take it.

Michael Steele (Chairman of GOPAC) and another gentleman whose name I can't remember, were also interviewed by Hannity and Colmes, and the gist of that conversation was that there was a definite separation of the candidates, and we wouldn't have, ". . .another 10 ring circus." So now, probably with the next debate, we will only hear from the anointed candidates. Do you think that Dr. Paul will be among them?

But what is the truth? Have we interfered in the Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan? I would refer you to a list of US interventions in the Middle East. Though I haven't read his book and don't agree with his politics, William Blum has written several essays, and a few books concerning the government's interference throughout the world.

It is time for our leaders to understand, as Dr. Paul said, "If we think we can do what we want around the world, and not incite hatred, then we have a problem."



After submitting my article, I noticed there is now a petition being circulated by the Michigan Republican Party Chairman to ban Ron Paul from any further debates. There is also a counter petition addressed to the National Committee, ". . .to ensure that Ron Paul continues to take part in the debates." URL for the debate ban article, and URL for the participation petition.

I would encourage everyone to sign the petition, as well as to forward it on to friends, relatives or anyone sympathetic to the freedom cause to sign. Dr. Paul is not our perfect candidate, as L. Neil Smith brilliantly outlined in his article, "Instead of a Speech" published last week. Dr. Paul is, however, the best Republican candidate, and should not be silenced.

Dennis Kabaczy

Dennis Kabaczy writes from Michigan, where he lives with his wife, and their three feline owners.


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