What Part of "One Dollar Gas" Did You Fail to Understand?
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Number 423, June 24, 2007
"Never Give up, Never Surrender!"

Dollar gas!
One Dollar Gas
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"Send lawyers, guns and money!"

Yep, this week goes down in History as the week we got all lawyered up. Well, we can't afford lawyers, actually, so it's more like "all paralegaled up" I guess. Gotta sue a guy that owes us $7,700 and change. And who doesn't want to pay. And that sum is too much to go to Small Claims Court, so we've got to go to Justice of the Peace Court. In other words, please donate some money, Dear Reader, not only do we have BILLS, we now have paralegals and filing fees and service fees and this and that and the other thing. What a Royal Pain it all is.

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But enough about that. It's time for a big THANK YOU! to those of you Readers who have stepped up and donated some ca$h money towards support of this Reader Supported Publication! As noted above, we're still needy, so any of y'all who can, please donate some of that "spare change" to help us keep going. We appreciate it!

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Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith, Sean Gabb, and Albert Perez

What Part of "One Dollar Gas" Did You Fail to Understand?
by L. Neil Smith
Nine months ago, in September of 2006, I presented the Libertarian Party—both the national and state organizations—with a handsome gift. What I gave them was an issue, and a new, uniquely libertarian way of addressing it, that would attract more attention to the sacred cause of individual liberty we share, than anything else we've ever done.

An Exercise in Logic
by Albert Perez
Remember the argument supporters of gun control used to make? The one that started "Why would any decent, honest person want a (weapon they wanted banned)?" This was a good rhetorical trick. It defined those of us that wanted to own a (fill in the blank) as bad people unless they could prove they needed (fill in the blank) for reasons the hoplophobe approved.

How Should Free People Behave?
by Dick Wetherbee
I have gone wrong from the start. Who has any right to tell a free person anything? OK, no murder, assault, theft—give it a bit of thought and you'll think of a few others. What about annoying your neighbors? I like dogs. I have 3 large ones. They don't bite, they rarely bark, they come, sit and stay on command but they are big and they scare some people.

On Immigration: Take Our Freedoms, Please!
by Jonathan David Morris
I'm glad immigration is in the news these days. I love when people start discussing immigration. No other topic does a better job of popping the veins in Bill O'Reilly's forehead.

Freedom, If You Mean It
by Ulrich Biele
These days, a friend asked me for advice. He is considerably younger than I am and maybe this difference in age made him think I was qualified to give him an answer. He is involved with a girl and contemplates about going steady with her or maybe even marrying her.

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