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Number 425, July 8, 2007
"Freedom in trivial things matters too."

Our first granddaughter!



Golly! We've been finally getting some of that ol' Globular Warming up here in the mountains. Temperatures getting into the high 90s and low 100s. I finally decided I wasn't ill, I was just overheated. But the last few days we've been getting a bit cooler with afternoon thunderstorms. If it's not one thing, it's another.

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Yes, that cutie pictured above is our 1st granddaughter. I have two grandsons—well, 2 of my step-kids have step-sons. What does that make me, a grand'pa? A step-grand'pa? A step-step-grand'pa? A steppin-fetchit-grand'pa? Inquiring minds want to know! Of course I don't feel like a grand'pa. My grand'pa's were wise and competent men—I'm just a doofus who don't even have a job. "And so it goes. . . ."

As promised last issue, we're back to the usual. Issue number 425, dig in and enjoy! Pay especial attention to our second letter in the Letters to the Editor page. Makes some interesting points.

Ken Holder



Letters to the Editor
from Albert X. Perez, Please don't republish my name and address, Tom Hanlin, and Mike Benoit

A Letter to Senator Joseph Lieberman
by L. Neil Smith
It is my unpleasant obligation to begin this letter by confessing that I don't know anyone who believes you're the brightest bulb on the tree. In fact, it appears that you possess a stupefying talent, not just for saying exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time, but for saying the dumbest things that could possibly be said in any given context. Second only to the current squatter in the White House (in truth, none of them have ever been particularly intelligent), judging only by your public pronouncements, you have the feeblest mind in American politics today.

Tony Blair: The Traitor Departs
by Sean Gabb
As I write, Tony Blair is about to stop being Prime Minister. I have waited ten years to see this day. I will celebrate later today by opening a bottle of champagne. In the meantime, I will make the briefest possible farewell to the man.

We Are Not Nearly As Free As We Think We Are
by Doug Newman
In America, we enjoy a measure of freedom. However, we are not nearly as free as we think we are; millions of Americans are willing to relinquish what is left of their liberty.

Is There Hope?
by Sean Gangol
I remember there was time when I wasn't as cynical as I am now about the future of this country. It was during the time I first discovered the fundamentals of Libertarianism after reading Hope by L. Neil Smith and Aaron Zelman. I knew of the freedoms that we have lost, but I believed that it was possible to convince enough people to help take back these lost liberties. I am amazed at how na´ve and optimistic I was, seven years ago. My outlook would soon change through the out the years.

by Albert X. Perez
Recently after writing elsewhere praising Vanessa Mae I looked up what CD's she had available on Amazon.com. One reviewer criticized her work claiming that her primary accomplishments were promomoting the sales of miniskirts and making dirty old men happy. He said this as if they were bad things.

Belaboring the Immigration Point
by Jonathan David Morris
I've spent the last two weeks writing about immigration. I'm going to do it one more time this week, for two important reasons: (1) Because I have another point to make; and (2) Because I've never written about the same topic three weeks in a row before, which I'm pretty sure constitutes a "series," which excites me. Now, whenever I'm discussing stuff with important people, I need only say, "I need only refer you to my Immigration Series from the Summer of '07," to make my point perfectly clear.

Who Needs City Government?
by L. Neil Smith
On the desk at my elbow that morning lay a blaze-orange sticker that some municipal parasite had slapped on my front door. It ordered me to cut my lawn to the city's specifications—which seem to change each and every year—upon pain of various punishments of dubious legality.

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