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Number 428, July 29, 2007

"Focus on the goal of protecting freedom"

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Letter from A.X. Perez

Re: "Letter from Therese Wilson, With Reply from L. Neil Smith"

Ms. Wilson needs to remember that our Demican (Or is it Replocrats?) leaders are intent on using the War on Islamofascim (to be followed by the War on Christianofascism, followed by the war on aetheofascism) as an excuse to curtail the freedom of the American people. The wars against terrorism by different groups and flavored fascism are being used as excuses to impose the terror of tyranny and true fascism (under a different name) on the American people. Even if these folks are legitimate enemies (and don't kid yourself, enough of them are) this attempt to use the struggle against them to destroy American liberty must be defeated.

Re: "Goodbye America, Hello North American Union," by Alan Caruba

Mr. Caruba needs to deal with the fact that sooner or later the United States will become part of a larger nation state. The question is what the enforced constitution of that state is. Minimum terms should include that the rights guaranteed in the US Constitution (including habeas corpus, no contamination of the blood, no bills of attainder, no slavery as well as the Bill of Rights) be guaranteed by any treaty or new constitution creating such a state and be strictly enforced.

Test this by comparing it to the opposite: an independent United States of America without Constitutionally guaranteed liberties.

I am not advocate presently giving up American sovereignty and independence at this time. I am simply saying that whether it is through annexation of other territories, auschlaus (hope I spelled that right) or other peaceful means, as the US grows or becomes part of a larger state ( Including interstellar if us scfi fans get our way) we keep the our liberties and extend them to our new nation.

Both need to focus on the goal of protecting freedom and not get distracted.And so do the rest of us quite frequently.

A.X. Perez

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