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Or Face the End of Constitutional Democracy

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Number 428, July 29, 2007
"Focus on the goal of protecting freedom"

Taxes Pay for Torture
Taxes Pay for Torture



I hope all you Readers had a good week. I didn't, on account of I went to the doctor and got some pills to make me feel better—a few sample packs of "Effexor XR (Equivalent to 75mg Venlafaxine)" and they did not make me feel better. They made me feel terrible. Like a Dementor was sitting on my head. Oh yeah, I was apparently first in line at the local public library for the new Harry Potter book, so that helped distract me from my misery somewhat. After 5 or 6 days I said "enough!" and stopped taking the vile things. I'm starting to feel a bit better now—perhaps being made to feel awful for a while is a way to feel better? Or maybe I was just allergic to them or something.

Anyway, here we are, Reader, a new TLE for your Reading Pleasure. This is a Reader Supported eMagazine, and I must note that it is close to panic time as the electric bill and phone bill and gas bill are slipping more and more past their due-date. Please, if you can, lend a supporting hand at

to help us keep going. We got a big $38 from purchases at by our readers for the last month—that helps, but doesn't help enough. It's these reoccurring expenses that really are the killers. Just one thing after another. Bah, Humbug.

Hah, Bumbug!

And a merry happy 29th of July to all of our Readers as we welcome you to issue 428! Twelve years and still going strong!

Ken Holder


Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez

Impeach Now
Or Face the End of Constitutional Democracy

by Paul Craig Roberts
Unless Congress immediately impeaches Bush and Cheney, a year from now the US could be a dictatorial police state at war with Iran.

The Government is Bad, But What Can We Do?
by Kat Kanning
We know the government is bad. The question always is, "What can we do about it?" The problem is so big. We start feeling like there isn't anything we can do alone. We band together in movements like the Free State Project ( to concentrate our efforts. Still the problem of the federal government is massive—they appear to have limitless resources (stolen from us) to harass, jail, rob, torture, kill. What is even 1000 dissenters against that?

Global Warming Propaganda
by Paul Bonneau
I watched a show on The History Channel last night, about the "little ice age" that afflicted Europe (and likely other places) from about 1300 to the mid 1800's. There were topics about effects of the little ice age such as why Americans drink so much beer, and why Stradivarius violins sound so good. These were interesting to watch. The predictable thing about the show was how they brought in a discussion of global warming at the end.

by A.X. Perez
During the Cold War the US spent a reasonably large sum of money broadcasting Radio Free Europe and the now defunct USSR spent a reasonable amount of money jamming RFE. Meanwhile high (more wattage than FCC regs allow) power AM stations like KOMA in Oklahoma City (Grandfathered in before regs passed) and several stations with offices in the US and transmitters in Mexico were transmitting a mix of rock and roll, news, ads, and smartass commentary that often reached Moskva. Any Russians that tuned in must have gotten an interesting opinion of life in America from these guys.

A Bad Week For Sports?
by Jonathan David Morris
Is it just me or has this been the best week in the history of American professional sports? Somehow, in the course of the last few days, the usual sports discussion has evolved to include steroids, the mafia, and the electrocution of pit bulls. None of these things are good things. In fact, they're all bad things. But the flipside to that is that bad things are interesting. To me, the PR catastrophes that've hit every major professional league make this the most interesting sports week ever—or at least more interesting than discussing George Bush's colon polyps.

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