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Number 429, August 5, 2007

Frying Pans/Fires


Why We Must Win
by A.X. Perez

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A few years ago a young lady in El Paso County, Texas tried to cover up the death of her infant and was caught out. She was charged with what amounted to negligent homicide of an infant. She admitted to covering up the child's death while being interrogated by the sheriff's deputies. She also asked for an attorney repeatedly, a request which the deputies denied. All of this was videotaped.

The District Attorney and arresting officers wanted to use the tape as evidence. Including the requests for an attorney and their denial. The judge denied the motion to use the tape. This disappointed the County officials.

My little pit bull whines in a distinctive manner when she sees animals she wants to attack (usually mice, cats, snakes, squirrels, etc.. We Keep her properly restrained) and can't get to. I can imagine the young lady's lawyers whining the same way. The judge would have been dismissing the case faster than they could jump up to object and the lawsuit would have busted El Paso County's bank. The DA and sheriff's deputies didn't seem to understand how egregiously they were violating the young lady's rights and how this tape could be used as evidence against them. I'm not sure if to this day they realize how the judge saved their bacon.

There are three reasons for this error, stupidity, arrogance, and self righteousness (OK, they had good reason to be self righteous, but it still led to error.).

They were too stupid to realize that so clearly violating the young lady's rights would lead to the dismissal of the case against her and the DA, Sheriff's Office, and deputies sued into extreme poverty, not to mention criminally charged with violating the girl's rights.

They were too arrogant to realize that they had to act within the Constitution and the law, or that they were liable to face bad things happening to them if they didn't.

They were so full of (admittedly justifiable in this case) self righteousness that believed they punishing the slayer of a child justified breaking the law.

And only the judge's refusal of permission to use tainted evidence saved them from the consequences of their stupidity, arrogance and self righteousness.

Besides the not so minor detail that it threatens and can destroy peoples' freedom, institutionalized tyranny is stupid, arrogant, and self righteous, traits that lead to self destruction, and possibly the destruction of the society the tyrants rule.

To paraphrase Adam Baldwin in Serenity, "I don't want to be destroyed."

And that is why we must defeat tyranny. Not only will it take away our freedom, it will ultimately committ an error that gets us and our posterity destroyed.

I needs me a Brown Coat.


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