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Number 430, August 12, 2007
"What could be worse?"

Big Bother
"We watch you for your own good!"

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After a few weeks of our Summer thunderstorms keeping things all nice and coolish, it's hot-weather time again. Hot and humid, none of that 9-percent we had before the rains started. Bummer.

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Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith, A.X. Perez, Dave Schmidt, The Editor, and Andrew Eggleston

Big Bother Is Watching
by L. Neil Smith
Click on any news-oriented website, open any paper, turn on the damn television if you're desperate and still living in the age of stone knives and bearskins, and you'll see a story or twelve about surveillance. Nineeleven (pronounced "ninny-leaven") and the Terrorist Under the Bed are the excuses nowadays, but any old excuse would have served. It was coming, sooner or later, whether there was an excuse or not.

Minnesota as a Metaphor
by Jonathan David Morris
Last week's bridge collapse in Minnesota was a tragedy. Another word we could use to describe it would be to call it a metaphor.

The Problem with Conservatives
by Sean Gangol
Through out the years I have known people on both sides of the political spectrum. Some of these people were my friends and some of them were members of my own family. Usually it is my conservative minded friends that always seem shocked when I say something that conflicts with their values. I suppose they assume from my stances on the Second Amendment and limited government that I must be as conservative as they are.

Poll to Take the Pulse of America About Gun Control
by Bill Koehler
Answer yes or no to all questions: Question 1) I would rather see my mother raped and murdered than permit her to defend herself with a gun.

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